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Here We Go Again

In light of yet another anti-Israel resolution by the United Nations, this week’s Eye of Prophecy article could have been entitled, Peace or a Palestinian State … Which Will It Be? Or: More Palestinian Lies. Or: The Legacy of Temple Mount. Or: The Myth of Al-Aqsa Mosque. But it can’t because those are titles of articles already written.

Maybe each Saturday’s article should be posted late in the day instead of first thing in the morning. But that wouldn’t work either. Although Eye of Prophecy articles are published weekly and many of them are in the category of Current Events, they cannot keep up with the almost daily barrage of media reports on the Middle East in general and Israel in particular.

Just hours after I posted The Myth of Al-Aqsa Mosque article on April 16th, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) passed a resolution “officially” (for the UN, not for Israel or anyone who knows the true history of Temple Mount) classifying Temple Mount by its Arabic name, Al-Haram Al Sharif; which in English is translated to Noble Sanctuary. But disregard the English translation. Even though English is recognized as the main international language, only the Arabic name is to be used.

Among non-Muslim nations voting in favor of this contemptible resolution, France was the most conspicuous with (dis)honorable recognition for Sweden and Spain.

What will these Western nations will do when Muslims change the identity of revered religious, national, cultural, or political sites in European countries, exclusively to Islamic names, with demands that only the Muslim designations be recognized? And if city or national governments do not comply, then they, too, are guilty of Islamophobia or religious and cultural intolerance or being PI (politically incorrect).

Stop shaking your head! It could come to that, just like Sharia Law could be implemented in some jurisdictions.

I wonder what the Muslim name for the Statue of Liberty will be. Perhaps, Mohammed’s Torch of Freedom?

Statue of Liberty

(Might Muslims Also Claim She Is Holding the Koran?)

Not only Temple Mount, but UNESCO’s rancorous resolution also included several other Jewish sacred sites, declaring them elite Muslim holy places and referring to them only by Muslim labels.

Here are a couple of excerpts (in italics) from Eye of Prophecy article, The Myth of Al Aqsa Mosque:

Muslims contend that Temple Mount does not belong to the Jews, partially because it is the third holiest location in Islam. Never mind that Temple Mount is the HOLIEST place, the most sacred of all sites to Judaism and the Jews! That’s irrelevant to the Arabs and seemingly to much of the world.

Thus, it’s imperative that we examine the historical basis for Islamic motives to defend their holy sites. In doing so, we will once again confirm that Muslim attempts to rewrite the history of this ancient conflict have no basis in fact. We will see the rest of the story, the empirical evidence that will undermine Palestinian claims that they alone have rights to Temple Mount. Hopefully, this will help dispel the flawed opinions or imprecise impressions that many in the Western world (as well as Muslims themselves) have concerning Jewish and Islamic heritage of Temple Mount … indeed, of all Jerusalem and Israel.

Then later in the article:

From our examination of the true history of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, we now see more clearly that neither the mosque, nor Dome of the Rock, nor Noble Sanctuary (Temple Mount) have any real historical relevance to or connection with Islam’s purported interest in Jerusalem. Rather, they are merely a convenient excuse for Muslims to continue their concerted effort to expel or even eliminate (if they could) all Jews in Israel. It is not question of even one square foot of land on Temple Mount or anywhere else in Israel. It is a question of whether Palestinian Arabs and Muslim nations will ever recognize the sovereign state of Israel and the right of Jews to live in their ancient land, given to them by God himself. A land they occupied (in the positive connotation of the word) long before the Arabs, hundreds of years before Mohammed started the religion of Islam.

More on UNESCO’s Resolution

This latest resolution to denigrate and discredit Israel by renaming Temple Mount and insisting that all nations use the Arabic term for Temple Mount is yet another pitiful attempt to deny any association whatsoever of the Jewish people to their most holy site in their most holy city of Jerusalem. Furthermore, the resolution was on the very day of Passover, which has been an integral part of the Jewish tradition in Israel for nearly 3,500 years. With Jerusalem and the Temple (Temple Mount) established 3,000 years ago by King David and King Solomon.

Yet UNESCO is doing nothing more than the United Nations, as a whole, has done for nearly 70 years: Castigate Israel fanatically and frequently. Whereas most of the anti-Israel sanctions are initiated by Islamic countries, other nations often vote in favor of these reprehensible resolutions which number far more than those against truly rogue and dangerous nations such as Iran and North Korea.

Will this resolution have any real impact on the world at large? Absolutely it will. The idea is really quite simple: If national leaders and government officials begin to use the label of Al-Haram Al Sharif in reference to Temple Mount, they will soon (if they haven’t already) consider Temple Mount as belonging—historically, religiously, and culturally—to Islam and to Arabs.

Here is another excerpt from The Myth of Al Aqsa Mosque to reinforce the clear historical evidence that the only real interest Mohammed had for Jerusalem was to take it from the Jews.

There’s even more. Jerusalem, itself, is NEVER mentioned in the Koran … not once. Whereas, Jerusalem is referenced 669 times in the Bible and Zion (Jerusalem) 154 times. This is nothing short of an insurmountable obstacle to Muslim statements that not only Temple Mount, but all of Jerusalem belongs to them.

It’s simply inconceivable that the Koran, which was compiled in stages over many years, would not make one reference to Jerusalem, especially after the Arabs conquered Israel’s Holy City in 638 AD. Moreover, the Dome of the Rock was built by the Arabs because it was the site of the destroyed Jewish Temples, having nothing to do with Islam or the tale of Mohammed’s journey to the Holy City. The main purpose for building the Dome of the Rock was to prevent the construction of another Jewish Temple, and to erase the historical authenticity of Jewish rights to Temple Mount.

During and alongside media coverage of UNESCO’s resolution, was the reminder of France’s proposal to convene an international summit for the express purpose of reaching a framework of peace between Israel and the Palestinians. But if neither party could come to terms on yet another Roadmap of Peace, then France would unilaterally declare and recognize a Palestinian State within Israel’s borders.


Here are the first few paragraphs copied from the Eye of Prophecy article, Peace or a Palestinian State … Which Will It Be? Posted 2-27-16.

In one of the most curious proposals for Middle East peace ever made, France recently presented Israel and the Palestinians with an invitation to participate in an international conference in Paris this coming summer. The idea of a peace symposium is not unique and certainly not strange, as many powerful nations including the United States have repeatedly tried to establish an all too elusive reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinians, between the Jews and Arabs. The last such attempt, mediated by US Secretary of State, John Kerry, disintegrated in April 2014.

Yet, this one-sided plan from France borders on the bizarre. Some might even consider it preposterously pathetic. I would agree with that assessment, were it not for the potentially ominous consequences of France’s comply-or-else summons. Although the fine print details of the proposal have not yet been publicized, the basic agenda imposed by France has been clearly explained by the French ambassador to Israel. Which is: If Israel refuses to participate in the conference; OR, even if Israel does attend and diplomatic efforts fail to presumably reach some sort of agreement for some kind of peace, then France will by default recognize the existence of a Palestinian State within the borders of Israel.

Strangest of all, the French seem to be saying that it’s either peace in Israel or a Palestinian State … one or the other. The validity of this deduction is underscored by the fact that France knows all too well that Israel would never agree to a Palestinian State under the current pre-negotiated conditions imposed by the Palestinian Authority Fatah in the West Bank and certainly not by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Likewise, the Palestinians have shown absolutely no inclination whatsoever to relax their hard-core demands.

Demands such as: East Jerusalem as capital of a Palestinian State, Israel’s return to pre-1967 territorial borders, and full right of return of all post-1948 Arab refugees. But most significant of all: persistent Palestinian refusal to even recognize Israel as a sovereign Jewish State—the only such state in the world and one that is officially recognized by the United Nations collectively and virtually all non-Muslim countries individually.

Furor over the Golan Heights

It’s not just Temple Mount that has captivated media headlines. On April 17th, the very next day after UNESCO’s shameful resolution, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended Israel’s first-ever cabinet meeting held in the Golan Heights (on April 11th), with these words:

“I convened this celebratory meeting in the Golan Heights to send a clear message: The Golan Heights will always remain in Israel’s hands. Israel will never withdraw from the Golan Heights. It is time that the international community recognized reality. Whatever happens on the other side of the border, the border itself will not move. Secondly, after 50 years it is time that the international community realized that the Golan will remain under Israeli sovereignty.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasized that the Golan Heights was and is, “…an integral part of the Land of Israel in ancient times. This is documented by dozens of ancient synagogues around us. And the Golan is (also) an integral part of the State of Israel in the present time.”

That Golan in the territory of Bashan was part of the Promised Land deeded directly by God to Israel is also documented in Scripture. Beginning when Moses and the Israelites conquered Og, the king of Bashan, who opposed the Jews just a short time before Joshua led them into the Promised Land (see Numbers 21:31-35).

Subsequently, Joshua, according to specific instructions from the Lord, apportioned the Promised Land (all of Israel) to the Jews, with Bashan located in the territory given to half of the tribe of Manasseh east of the Jordan River—along with two other tribes, Reuben and Gad, on that side of the Jordan. The other 9 ½ tribes were allotted their portion of the Land west of the Jordan River (see Joshua 13:7-12, but also the rest of Chapter 13 through Chapter 20).


(Map of Biblical Allotment of the Promised Land, Including Bashan … Golan Heights)

The Israeli Cabinet meeting on the Golan Heights and Benjamin’s defense of such a meeting were in direct response to current efforts by world powers (including the United States) to negotiate an agreement to end the war in Syria; one that could potentially return the Golan Heights to Syria. Since then Prime Minister Netanyahu has discussed the matter by phone with US Secretary of State John Kerry, and by meeting personally with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

With the gist of those meetings summarized by Benjamin Netanyahu when he said, “…we would not oppose a political resolution in Syria so long as it does not come at our expense. That is to say, at the end of the day Iranian forces, ISIS, and Hezbollah need to be removed from Syrian territory.”

In a short while, we’ll look at some startling responses to Netanyahu’s stirring statement that Israel would never give up the Golan Heights. But first let’s examine the:

Strategic Importance of the Golan Heights

First, a short history, with emphasis on brief … an in-depth history would require far too much time/space for today’s article. So we’ll pick it up following the Israeli-Arab War of 1948-49, which is known by the Jews as their War of Independence.

The Golan Heights is located at the northeast end of Israel, overlooking the Jordan Valley which includes the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River itself. It is an area that is absolutely vital to Israel’s security because it borders Lebanon to the north, Syria to the east, and Jordan to the south.

The Heights part of the Golan Heights is a relatively new designation of this critical portion of land. The former and still sometimes used name is simply Golan. Or Biblically, “Golan in Bashan.” It’s easy to figure out why the suffix, Heights, was added. It relates to the elevation factor … a high plateau with protruding ridges here and there. As you might surmise, altitude is of critical value during war and also during peacetime to maintain a superior advantage should military conflict erupt.

Military strategists emphasize the significance of higher ground. If higher ground is available, then occupy it. If already occupied by the enemy, then take it … depending on the casualty risk and logistical importance of that particular high ground. When it’s taken, defend it at all cost. It’s much easier to sit and shoot down at the enemy than to shoot up at the enemy while climbing, even if you’re in a tank.

Thus, Golan became the Golan Heights. That change in the designation tells it all; Israel’s very survival depends on a military advantage afforded by this strategic high ground in northern Israel. Even with air superiority, Israel knows that armored ground forces are essential in defending Israel. Including, if necessary, to send troops into Syria or Lebanon or even Jordan if Israel is attacked.

After Israel’s victory in their War of Independence, a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) was established on the Golan Heights between Syria and Israel’s borders. Think of a DMZ as a “buffer zone.” Immediately there was conflict between Israel and Syria over water and agricultural rights, as well as legal disputes over who should control what part of the area. However, from the very beginning of this “Armistice” Agreement, Syrian troops began to harass Jewish communities along the border mostly by lobbing mortars into the towns. Israelis spent many sleepless nights in bomb shelters. Several Jews were killed and wounded in this shelling.

Prior to the Six-Day War, five nations in the United Nations sponsored a resolution to condemn Syria for these constant unprovoked bombardments of Jewish towns.

Amazing, isn’t it. The United Nations actually drafted a resolution against one of Israel’s adversaries, instead of targeting Israel! Alas, the motion was vetoed by the Soviet Union. Recall: The five permanent nations in the UN Security Council have veto power … the United States, Russia, China, France, and England.

During Israel’s stunning June, 1967 victory over Syria and Egypt in just six days, she captured a majority of Golan Heights. By 1970 there were twelve Jewish settlements on the Golan. Then in the Yom Kippur War of 1973, Israel fought a series of bloody battles to prevent Syria regaining full control of the Golan Heights. Subsequently the United Nations established and monitored a cease-fire line that gave Syria one-third of the area and Israel two-thirds control (in the western part).

Then in 1981, Israel annexed most of the Golan Heights. Although the annexation didn’t change the dynamics of the area all that much, it did legally assure that the area of the Golan designated by Israel belongs to them; if, for no other reason, than victory in war. However, Israel didn’t capture, control, and then annex the Golan Heights in order to aggressively, deliberately, and without provocation wrest land away from Syria. It was the Israelis who were provoked by outright attacks or imminent threat of attack by their enemies, including Syria.


(Modern-day Map of the Golan Heights Region)

The Israelis had no choice. I repeat for emphasis: No choice, whatsoever. Capturing the Golan was a matter of national survival for Israel. Keeping it, is no less a matter of national existence. Without it, a Syrian army (whatever government it might eventually belong to), or Hezbollah, or ISIS, or Al Qaeda, or Jordan, or Russia, or Iran, or whoever can launch deadly attacks against Israel from the Golan Heights.

However, with the primary and ultimate claim to the Golan given to them by God himself. As well as much more of the Promised Land that will one day be added to modern Israel—Jewish land that is currently part of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.

Remarkable Reactions by Islamic Countries

On April 26th just a few days after Benjamin Netanyahu raised the voice of Israel by saying that the, “Golan will remain under Israeli sovereignty,” the Organization of Islamic Cooperation held an “emergency, extraordinary” meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This emergency session was in direct retaliation to Netanyahu’s statements.

The OIC includes war-torn and/or botched Islamic states such as Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Nigeria … also economically and politically dysfunctional countries like Somalia and Bangladesh. Unlike Israel, none of the 57 member nations are democratic in any way, shape, or form. For the most part, people of these countries are far worse off than Palestinians occupying the region of Judea/Samaria (commonly referred to as the West Bank) of Israel. Yes, you read that right. As said in some past Eye of Prophecy articles and as affirmed by political, military, and historical experts who understand the true history of Israel, it is the Palestinians who are the occupiers, not the Israelis—as all of the land legally, historically, and Biblically belongs to Israel.

Among many other things said, the OIC’s final summary, “Condemns strongly Israel, the occupying power, and its macabre acts to change the legal status, demographic composition, and institutional structure of the occupied Syrian Golan … expresses unconditional support for the legitimate right of the Syrian people to restore their full sovereignty on the occupied Syrian Golan.”

Prior to this meeting, the Arab League, many of whose 22 members are also members of the OIC, had called for Israel to be charged and tried criminally for Israel’s conduct. This despite the fact that Israel has successfully controlled the Golan Heights since 1967, preventing more death and destruction by Syrian bombs raining down on innocent Israelis. And by establishing a strong military deterrent for invasion of Israel.

Of course, in today’s Syria, any invasion of Israel is a moot point; what with a bloody civil war that has resulted in the death of over a quarter million people. With displacement of millions more, many of whom are (and many more still waiting for asylum) refugees in Europe, constituting the greatest refugee crisis since World War II.

Exactly who or what will constitute or represent “Syrian Golan,” if the demands of Islamic nations that Israel return all of the Golan to Syria is met? Not to mention that the Golan encompasses less than one percent of Syrian territory. Or that Syria’s loss of a portion of the Golan Heights fifty years ago is anything resembling a huge problem with Syria today … whatever Syria is at this time in history. The Golan is absolutely the least of Syria’s concerns, what with its very survival at stake. For that matter, who in Syria has claim to the Golan? Is it the government of Bashar Assad, supported by Russia and Iran and Hezbollah of Lebanon? Or is it the rebels trying to gain their freedom from the oppressive Syrian regime, with these freedom fighters supported by the United States led coalition? Or might it even be ISIS, whose avowed objective is to set up an Islamic Caliphate in Iraq and Syria? ISIS is an acronym for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

To whom should Israel surrender the Golan? Of course that’s a rhetorical question. But that’s exactly what these Islamic organizations (states) are demanding. Not only that, but many of these nations are (silently) applauding Israel’s firm resolve to thwart any semblance of an attack against Israel (via the Golan Heights) by ISIS or Hezbollah or factions in Syria. Especially those nations next or close to Israel, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the gulf coast states—who could be next on the bucket list of ISIS (or even Russia or Iran).

So which is it? Condemn the Jews and demand that Israel withdraw from the Golan (and Temple Mount while Israel is in the withdrawal mode)? Or, at least pragmatically acknowledge that it is Israel alone who keeps Israel strong and surrounding nations secure from any and all of the warring factions in Syria.

Jordan is probably the best example, as this nation has more to gain by an Israeli controlled Golan than any other nation. The last thing Jordan wants or needs is another entity to occupy the Golan Heights other than Israel. Jordanians know that Israel will keep them safe by Israel’s very presence there, as well as the Jordan Valley, East Jerusalem, etc. Of course, even Jordan does their part for the Arab world and for Islam by periodically condemning Israel for this and that. Lately, because of Temple Mount.

Take Iran for instance … a bitter hater and enemy of Israel. To the extent that numerous times in recent years, even months, this rogue Islamic nation has vowed to “wipe Israel from the face of the earth.” If Iranian forces get a strong foothold in Syria, it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump to the Golan Heights. But Saudi Arabia and Iran are not exactly bosom buddies; in fact, they are diametrically opposed, i.e. Shi’ite (Iran) against Sunni and Wahhabi (Saudi Arabia). Saudi Arabia and Egypt and a few other Islamic nations are (mostly under the table) tempering their animosity toward Israel under the paradigm of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”


But then Arab, Islamic, and even non-Muslim anti-Semitism always manages to rear its ugly head. No matter their realization (reality) that a strong and vibrant Israel is one of their best sources of stability and security against what they also consider the forces of evil (ISIS, Iran, Hezbollah, and even Russia), they just can’t control themselves when it comes to an Israeli Prime Minister saying such things as, “Israel will never withdraw from the Golan Heights.”

Them’s fightin words to Muslims! And so they revert back to their irrational hatred of the Jews, by condemning Israel for keeping a tiny sliver of land that Israel was forced to capture because of Arab aggression in three wars against Israel in twenty-five years’ time. Plus, the “peacetime” bombing of Jews in the vicinity of the Golan Heights.

United Nations Security Council Response

Not only UNESCO, but the UN Security Council couldn’t contain themselves … couldn’t miss an opportunity to condemn Israel. Most of the time the UN doesn’t need a reason to sanction Israel. Many of the UN resolutions against Israel are not in response to anything Israel does or says; rather, they are part of an ongoing deliberate plan (plot) to censure Israel just because it exists. As previously indicated, most of the resolutions are instigated by Muslim nations, with non-Muslim countries joining in.

Following UNESCO’s lead, this past Sunday (May 1st) the UN Security Council unanimously agreed to challenge Benjamin Netanyahu’s declaration that the Golan Heights must (for all the reasons already listed) remain under Israel’s sovereign jurisdiction. China’s U.N. Ambassador Liu Jieyl, the current president of the 15-member Security Council, issued a statement the following day (May 2nd) saying, “Council members expressed their deep concern over recent Israeli statements about the Golan, and stressed that the status of the Golan remains unchanged.”

Official Security Council statements are adopted by consensus of all members, which include the United States. Unlike UNESCO, the Security Council did not actually propose and pass a resolution; however, this official public statement following a (closed-door) session serves the same purpose. Actually the Security Council didn’t need to pass a resolution, as they already had one in place.

Council President Liu Jieyl merely cited Resolution 497 passed in 1981 soon after Israel annexed the Golan Heights. He repeated a summary portion of that resolution to the press: Israel’s annexation action in 1981 was, “null and void and without international legal effect.”

Never mind that less than 1% of Syrian territory is involved. Disregard the evidence that Syria used the Golan Heights (their portion of it) to rain down mortars on Israeli civilians for some twenty years. Then used that same high ground to try to defeat Israel in two more wars. Simply ignore the fact that Israel won that territory with the blood of their soldiers and civilians—not offensively or unprovoked, but in national defense and preservation of their very survival.

Moreover, our own Executive Staff (US President) fully endorsed the regurgitation of the 1981 Resolution. That is simply unthinkable, unfathomable, and borders on hypocrisy.

What would the United States do if the United Nations issued a resolution that the Louisiana Purchase from France was not legally binding. Or the purchase of Alaska from Russia was, “null and void.”

Or worse, that we should give Texas back to Mexico because we had no right to fight for the territory of Texas in the first place. We should have let the “Napoleon of the West,” Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna keep right on marching and murdering his way to Washington D.C. I say worse, because we won that land at the expense of American blood, not just dollars.

Remember the Alamo!


Why does the United States along with 27 other countries belong to NATO, and station troops in key areas of Europe? Easy answer: Because Russia can’t be trusted.

Why are there still nearly 30,000 US soldiers in South Korea near the DMZ that separates South Korea from North Korea? Easier answer: Because North Korea is a rogue communist nation that deplores the democracy of its South Korean neighbors and hates the United States even more.

Giving this critically strategic plateau back to the Syrians would be a recipe for disaster. Although there would obviously be Israeli casualties, the biggest disaster would fall on the Syrians, in the event they launched another offensive from the Golan or resumed shelling of nearby Israeli towns.

Any way you slice the politically correct United Nations international pie, Israel seldom gets a piece. And the miniscule piece of a very small pie that Israel won through defensive wars and the blood of her people, must be given back to the enemy. Doesn’t matter whether that enemy can’t even function as a State, an enemy that consists of several enemies … all fighting each other and who all hate Israel. Even when it was a “state,” Syria was controlled by a dictator who wanted nothing more than complete eradication of the Jews from Israel.

As is said, “What’s a person to do?”

That’s Not All

Getting back to France’s call for an international conference to establish peace in the Middle East even if it means a unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State that doesn’t exist, the next thing that would take place is a U.N. Resolution declaring a Palestinian State, whether the Israelis or even the Palestinians want such a state. Which, in turn, would demand Israeli withdrawal to “pre-1967 borders” that were nothing more than cease-fire lines to begin with. And also would declare East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital, which, in turn, would give the Palestinians complete, unopposed jurisdiction over Temple Mount. Excuse me, I meant to say: Al-Haram Al Sharif!

Recently, there has also been a lot of scuttlebutt going around in the White House that the United States would support such a resolution, which past US Presidents have said would never happen. Members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat, were so concerned President Obama would approve such a resolution, that 388 members of the House (including Nancy Pelosi of all people!) sent him a letter stating that such a Security Council decision would, “dangerously hinder” the resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Things to Ponder

Like never before, the eyes of the world are on Israel. It is absolutely amazing that so much attention is directed to this tiny nation. So much so that all of the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates (seems that we are now down to just one candidate for each party) have either been asked or have volunteered their stance on Israel, i.e. if, and to what extent, they support Israel. I have never seen that happen before, not to this degree. And that’s only a drop in a large reservoir of water being poured on Israel … water to satisfy their thirst for peace or water to drown them unmercifully.

Long ago God predicted this would happen. Just as he said that the Jews would return to the land promised to them.

“This message concerning the fate of Israel came from the Lord. ‘This message is from the Lord, who stretched out the heavens, laid the foundations of the earth, and formed the human spirit. I will make Jerusalem like an intoxicating drink that makes the nearby nations stagger when they send their armies to besiege Jerusalem and Judah. On that day I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock. All the nations will gather against it to try to move it, but they will only hurt themselves’” (Zechariah 12:1-3, italics for emphasis).

Take heed nations of the earth.

Do not attempt to remove the Jews from the rocks and hills of the Golan Heights. Do not so audaciously usurp authority over the rock called Temple Mount, which does not belong to you … to anyone except God’s chosen people. Do not divide Jerusalem … ever. For to Abraham and his descendants came a solemn promise given by our unchangeable and omnipotent God:

“I will make you into a great nation. I will bless you and make you famous, and you will be a blessing to others. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt. All the families of the earth will be blessed through you” (Genesis 12:1-3).

Take heed all who despise Israel for no reason, other than Jews live there. Do not treat the Jews with contempt, for to do so is to raise your fist against the true and living God.

Indeed, the world has been blessed. In many ways, but most importantly through the awesome redemption purchased by such a high price for all who will believe and receive the Son of God, the Jewish Messiah Jesus. (John 3:16)

Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Establish your kingdom of righteousness, justice, and peace throughout the world. We long for your glorious return!