Puzzling Paradox is an understatement. It is a pendulum swinging so swiftly to either side that it appears to hover in the middle of the 21st Century spotlight. One side of the pendulum is perplexing and pernicious; the other side profound and perceptive.

On the one hand, hundreds of millions mostly from Islamic blocs but also some Western nations continue to harbor and express hostility toward the Jews and Israel. On the other hand, many governments including a few Muslim regimes have recently extended olive branches to Israel in abrupt U-turn fashion.

Hardly a day goes by without some media reference to what politicians, military personnel, sport and entertainment celebrities, socioeconomic pundits, and common citizens the world over are saying about Israel … good or bad.

But that’s exactly what the Bible predicted long ago. In the end times, focus on Israel will be contentious and continuous.

The following is an excerpt from Eye of Prophecy article: Global Obsession with Jerusalem … In Biblical Proportions! Posted 1-6-18. *Note: Not until I elected to refer to that article in this week’s post, did I realize that it, too, was the first article of the year. I suppose it’s fitting to cite it in the opening article of a brand-new year—2019.

Happy New Year!

As follows (in italics):

As the first Eye of Prophecy article for a new year, there is no more fitting topic than the world’s fanatical focus on the tiny state of Israel, smaller in population than many cities on earth. It is political, racial, religious, and social OCD (Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder) on steroids and on a truly global scale. Since her rebirth as a sovereign state in 1948, no nation on earth has received more world-wide attention as has Israel. It is mind-boggling. We only need to look at the United Nations—to which virtually every nation on earth belongs— to confirm that this obsession is not an exaggeration.

Among other matters, that post commented on the relentless UN resolutions against Israel. Continuing:

No matter the ideology—whether eastern mysticism or western pragmatism, whether religious or non-religious, whether political or apolitical—there is a convergence of world opinion that something must be done about Israel … good, bad, or somewhere in between. Nations are taking sides for or (mostly) against Israel with such a powerful polarity that they will not allow Israel to determine her own destiny.

…This ambivalent, puzzling disposition of nations toward Israel is exactly what Scripture said would happen, especially when the Gog/Magog coalition invades Israel. This massive campaign led by Russia, Iran, and Turkey (all three of which have a military presence in Syria right next door to Israel) will occur not long after the Rapture.

Concerning Israel: even before 2018 there had been a remarkable diplomatic shift of several nations from animosity to amiability, but it has accelerated rapidly during the past year. This administrative friendliness toward Israel is mostly superficial and self-serving; nonetheless, it is a dramatic departure from prior demonizing and delegitimizing of Israel. At the same time, many people of those nations continue to denigrate Israel and Jews outside of Israel.

Let’s look at a recent incident that reflects this baffling fluctuation towards Israel, i.e. antagonistic personal attitudes vs. favorable governmental dispositions.

Stepping on the Israeli Flag

This past Sunday, officials of Israel’s Embassy in Jordan filed a protest over Jordan’s Information Minister Jumana Ghuneimat deliberately stepping on Israel’s Star of David Flag, which occurred on 12-27-18. The flag had been painted on the threshold to Jordan’s Trade Union building, along with foot prints designed to entice (test) employees and visitors. Would they deliberately follow the foot-prints or walk around the flag?

The incident was initially reported by the Associated Press. According to a subsequent article posted on the United with Israel website: “Jordan Prime Minister Omar Razzaz reportedly knew about the flag and the controversy it might generate and entered the building using a side door.”

But not Information Minister Ghuneimat; with the clear connotation that she intentionally defaced the flag which obviously shouldn’t have been painted on the floor in the first place.

The article also quoted Jordan’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Majed Qatarneh’s response to the Israeli complaint: “The Israeli side was informed that the building is a private one and the minister (Ghuneimat) entered it from a main entrance for an official meeting. We have emphasized that we respect the peace treaty with Israel.”

The article also states, “Ghuneimat was lauded on social media in Arabic as a hero.”

In the greater context of problems that plague the Middle East and the fact that this incident garnered little international attention, many might say: “What’s the big deal? Doesn’t this incident pale in comparison to everything else going on in Israel and the Middle East?” Such as the incessant Palestinian attacks against Israelis, that recently intensified as detailed in last week’s Eye of Prophecy article: Palestinian Terrorism & UN Resolutions / Neither Will Defeat Israel.

First: Only two Arab/Muslim nations have a treaty in place with Israel which includes recognition of Israel; those two nations are Egypt and Jordan. No other Muslim nation officially acknowledges Israel as a sovereign state. And many non-Muslim nations barely tolerate Israel’s existence.

Second: Without Israel’s next-door presence and assistance, Jordan would be less successful economically and much less secure militarily against some Muslim countries at odds with Jordan, such as Iran. Israel’s strong objection to the desecration of the Israeli flag by a Jordanian official is a reminder that Israel has done as much or more for Jordan than any other nation, even though Jordan was once an avowed enemy of Israel.

In the context of this week’s article, our focus is on the opposite reactions between most Jordanians and Jordan’s government; indicative of what’s happening all over the world, particularly in the Middle East.

Jordanian government officials placated Israel with assurance that they still, “respect the peace treaty with Israel.” Which, if you think about it, is (oddly) a disproportionate response than would otherwise be expected to a relatively isolated—perhaps even innocuous—incident.

On the other hand, Jordanians and Palestinians in Jordan widely voiced their personal approval of this government official’s deliberate affront to Israel. Thus, there was a strong contrast between Jordan’s political posture of respecting Israel and Jordan’s personal (social) preference of degrading Israel.

In nearly every Islamic country that has a 50%+ Muslim population majority (52 such nations) and in many non-Islamic nations, the greater populace despises Jews and loathes Israel. With major media sources like The New York Times skewing Israel’s image in favor of Muslim narratives. This in stark contrast to:

Israel’s Diplomatic Advances

Due largely to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s initiative and diplomatic skills, Israel has recently experienced remarkable success in international relations, especially in 2018—via personal meetings between Netanyahu and heads of state all over the globe.

Prime Minister Netanyahu most recently met with Brazil’s President-Elect Jair Bolsonaro, who had promised that Brazil’s embassy in Tel Aviv would be moved to Jerusalem. As had Guatemala’s Prime Minister earlier in 2018 in support of US President Trump’s accelerated relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem on May 14th, 2018—to coincide with Israel’s 70th statehood anniversary. Israel is in discussion with several other countries regarding the move of their embassies to Jerusalem. One of them has pledged such a move—Honduras.

(Benjamin Netanyahu With Jair Bolsonaro–to the right)

Brazil’s newly elected President expressed his and his government’s about face view of Israel: “I will move the embassy to Jerusalem. It’s not a question of if, just a question of when.”

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world.

Primarily through Netanyahu’s efforts, Israel also has established political and economic interaction with several Eastern European countries and strengthened previous ties with prominent Western European countries such as Great Britain, France, Germany, and Italy. He has met with Prime Ministers and Presidents of African nations some of which are predominately Muslim, and not that long ago traveled to the Gulf State nation of Oman and met with Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. And with leaders of India, China, and Japan.

There is a strong rumor that he may also touch base with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia’s Islamic government is (unofficially for now) courting Israel’s favor, as both countries consider Iran as their main enemy.

As much or more than any Israeli, Prime Minister Netanyahu was responsible for the recent completion of the Israel-Italy-Greece-Cypress deal that will undertake a massive engineering project to build a sub-ocean pipeline from Israel’s huge natural gas deposits in the Mediterranean Sea to the coastal mainline of these countries. (See Eye of Prophecy article: Gog, Magog and Leviathan, posted 1-3-15; regarding these huge natural gas deposits in Israeli waters coveted by Russia).

(Named “Leviathan”; One of four natural gas rigs off the coast of Israel)

In summary, I’ll quote US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman: “The world now sees Israel through a new lens. Diplomatic and strategic relationships that were unthinkable a decade ago are emerging in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America.” (I would also add Central America and Eastern Europe to that list).

For the most part, the world referred to by Ambassador Friedman consists of governments and their leaders who, for various reasons, see Israel in a different light. But not necessarily many of their people.

Administrations of successful nations (success loosely defined as varying degrees of freedom and a relative level of prosperity) are attracted to other thriving nations. Former adversaries have begun to recognize Israel’s startling advancements in technology, agriculture, medicine, and communication. In 2018 Israel realized a record $110 billion in exports. A nation that, despite seemingly endless turmoil with its non-citizen Palestinian residents, saw the largest increase in tourism during 2018 and another 30,000 Jews immigrating to Israel—mostly from Russia (10,500) and even from the United States and Canada (3,550).

Since Israel’s statehood in 1948, some 3.5 million Jews have made Aliyah, 42% of the Jewish population in Israel.

Said Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog: “Every Jew who comes to Israel and establishes a home here completes another piece of the wonderful mosaic of the Jewish people in their historic homeland.”

This vacillation between growing governmental favoritism toward Israel and a large part of their populace still denigrating Israel and Jews in general (antisemitism) is both bewildering and unprecedented. Nevertheless, it is precisely as Scripture characterizes the time just before the seven-year treaty between Antichrist (Nero) and Israel, followed shortly by the Gog/Magog invasion of Israel. Both events will take place soon after the Rapture, which means that what’s happening regarding Israel’s newfound status in the world is yet another sign that the last days are upon us.

However, there are a handful of nations whose current hostility toward Israel encompasses both their people and their government. Of those countries, the most prominent are Iran and Turkey—two main members of the soon to come Gog/Magog coalition.

The Astonishing Return of a Roman Emperor Who Will Orchestrate a Stunning Treaty

Very soon after the Rapture, Antichrist (Nero) will reappear to the amazement of those left behind. I have written extensively about this in my second book, Out of the Abyss and most Eye of Prophecy articles in the category of Antichrist. According to Daniel 9:27, the Antichrist will orchestrate a seven-year peace treaty between Israel and her enemies. This treaty will be almost as astounding as Nero’s return from the grave (Abyss). It will be an agreement that the entire world sought after but couldn’t achieve just a short time before.

I’m convinced that even President Trump’s “deal of the century” (whenever his staff reveals it, as it has again been delayed due to early Israeli elections to be held April 9, 2019) between Israel and the Palestinians will fail. It will be rejected by one or both sides; if accepted, it will fall apart soon thereafter. Scripture is clear that it will be Antichrist who arranges this (seven-year) treaty; albeit it one that Nero himself will break.

There are two main reasons why Nero will accomplish what no one else has.

First Reason: The return of a man from a 2,000-year old grave (actually from the Abyss) will generate instant awe and adulation from billions. While simultaneously diverting their attention from the post-Rapture chaos over the departure of hundreds of millions from the planet and focusing on (what to the world will be) a god-like man to whom they will listen and yield their allegiance.

“The beast you saw was once alive but isn’t now. And yet he will soon (abruptly) come up out of the bottomless pit and go to eternal destruction. And the people who belong to this world … will be amazed at the reappearance of this beast who had died” (Revelation 17:8).

*The Antichrist beast had already lived and died before John wrote the book of Revelation!

While some are still processing the incredible return of a Roman Emperor—trying to decide if he’s for real and just how much loyalty to give him—Nero will do what no one has done since King David of old.

Except for those who will see through this Messiah-imposter and not be so amazed by his reappearance (because they knew who he would be ahead of time!), the world-at-large will be dumbfounded by this impossible treaty. If Nero (anyone) could single-handedly bring peace between Jew and Arab (the essence of the treaty) and an unheard-of calm in the Middle East, then peace would be possible throughout the earth. For there could be no greater treaty than between the longest lasting foes known to mankind … Jews and Arabs.

Second Reason: As the theme of this week’s article indicates, there will be a leftover (between pre-Rapture and post-Rapture) global atmosphere of increased cooperation between Israel and several Gentile governments, including some Muslim countries.

Without this reduced (not eliminated) hostility, even a man returning from the grave couldn’t bridge the chasm between Jew and Arab/Muslim. Since Israel’s rebirth as a nation, no one has come close to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—let alone a treaty between Israel and multiple Islamic and non-Muslim nations generally unfavorable toward Israel. Because it is so inexplicable and implausible, only the Lord in all his sovereignty could prepare Israel and the nations (then giving temporary authority to Satan and his false messiah) for such a treaty.

Nero was idolized by most Roman citizens during his tenure as Emperor. However, he fell out of favor with the Roman Senate later in his reign (54-68 A.D.) because of his preference for Greek culture and entertainment, instead of his duties as Caesar as well as his excesses … foremost of which was wholesale murder of Christians. Even after his mysterious death and burial, the common people revered him; to the extent that many believed he hadn’t died or would somehow return from the grave to resume the Pax Romana (world peace, Roman style) that Nero promoted. This belief persisted for some 400 years and historically has even been labeled: Nero Redivivus Legend. (Several Eye of Prophecy articles have explained this phenomenon, particularly, The Legendary Return of Nero, posted 4-4-15).

Several historians consider Nero’s greatest geopolitical achievement to be that of negotiating a treaty.

The following is an excerpt from Out of the Abyss … can the number of the beast be solved, 666? (In italics):

Of all things, it was a treaty that Nero engineered between Rome and Parthia that helped endear him to the Roman Senate, the Roman Legions and the Roman citizens. Rome and Parthia had been at war until 63 A.D…. Suffice to say that this peace deal was a substantial victory for Nero, both politically and socially. His popularity increased dramatically….

After the Rapture… Most Arabs and many Jews will be among the left behind. The world will be ripe for conciliation, for unity, for peace, for order. Nero will capitalize on this pandemonium by orchestrating a treaty, one that will allow the Jewish Temple to be built…. I use the word orchestrating, because one of Nero’s talents was that of arranging and synchronizing things, such as a group of people with dissident views or like a musical play, of which he wrote and performed several—in Greek.

And, who in the world is going to argue with a man who returns to the earth after a two-thousand-year absence? With regard to the sack of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., all Nero need say is that the Roman Generals went way too far. He will probably remind tribulation Jews that he died in 68 A.D., two years before the Roman Legions destroyed the Temple. That he had not intended for the Jews to be exiled from Judea or for the Temple to be destroyed…

He will also placate the Arabs, telling them that if there is a god to follow or worship, Allah would be that god. He will remind the Jews and Arabs that his hostility as a Roman Emperor was rightfully and justifiably directed against the Christians—those narrow minded, bigoted, self-righteous hypocrites whose disappearance has done mankind a favor by cleansing the earth of religious intolerance.

If you like, you could come up with any number of lies that a resurrected Nero will fabricate and foist on Israel and the nations. But the bottom line is that untold millions will follow him for the same reason that many have followed Jesus Christ. RESURRECTION FROM THE DEAD (Pages 179-180).

Did you know that Parthia was one of several provinces in the ancient Persian Empire … what is today’s Khorasan region of northeastern Iran? After Cyrus the Great (the same ruler who permitted the Jews to return to Israel and rebuild Solomon’s Temple, just as God said would happen 150 years earlier), defeated the mighty Babylonian Empire and then the Empire of the Medes, who were initially aligned with Persia, Parthia acknowledged him as supreme ruler.

Later Parthia revolted against Persian King Darius I, and subsequently surrendered to Alexander the Great who conquered the Persian Empire. Eventually, Parthia also defied Rome. Overall, this mini-empire lasted from 227 B.C. to 224 A.D.

With exception of the wicked Persian official Haman (whose genocide plot against the Jews was short-lived … see the Book of Esther), by and large, ancient Persia and Parthia were sympathetic toward the Jews. You may also recall that another Persian King, Artaxerxes, allowed his Jewish cup-bearer, Nehemiah, to return to Israel and rebuild Jerusalem’s walls.

Not so with today’s Persia … Iran!

Today’s Persia has vowed to annihilate Israel, in the same fashion and with the same vile rhetoric as forecasted by Scripture. For example: “They devise crafty schemes against your people; they conspire against your precious ones. ‘Come,’ they say, ‘let us wipe out Israel as a nation. We will destroy the very memory of its existence’” (Psalm 83:3-4).

The Psalmist goes on to list several ancient nations/peoples that wanted to accomplish this diabolical objective, a sinister plot that is just as prevalent in today’s world. With, however, the contemporary (end times) paradox that some governments have attempted to placate Israel, despite the Anti-Semitic disposition of many of their people.

Iran and most of its people detest the Jews and hate the very existence of Israel. Iranian military leaders and government officials (all the way up to the Ayatollah Khomeini) have sworn to destroy Israel … the sooner the better. On several occasions, Khomeini has issued threats like the one he made public a few months ago, saying: “Israel is a malignant cancerous tumor in the west Asian region that has to be removed and eradicated. It is possible, and it will happen.”

There is no rational reason why Iran should want Israel and the Jews destroyed. It is nothing more than irrational Anti-Semitism, exhibited in different degrees by people the world over. It arises from the deeper desire to eliminate any influence of the Judeo/Christian heritage; a revolt against and replacement of the true and living God with man-made gods, religions, and agnostic state autocracies, e.g. communism and fascism.

“Why are the nations so angry? Why do they waste their time with futile plans? The kings of the earth prepare for battle; the rulers plot together against the Lord and against his anointed one. ‘Let us break their chains,’ they cry, ‘and free ourselves from slavery to God.’

“But the one who rules in heaven laughs. The Lord scoffs at them. Then in anger he rebukes them, terrifying them with his fierce fury. For the Lord declares, ‘I have placed my chosen king on the throne in Jerusalem, on my holy mountain’” (Psalm 2:1-6).

Israel’s Peace Treaty That Will Imperil Her Survival

The Gog/Magog invasion of Israel encompassing several nations including Iran and Turkey, spearheaded by Russia will be a direct result of Israel’s seven-year treaty. Here’s why … God addressing Gog/Magog:

“Get ready; be prepared! Keep all the armies around you mobilized, and take command of them… In the distant future you will swoop down on the land of Israel, which will be enjoying peace after recovering from war and after its people have returned from many lands to the mountains of Israel” (Ezekiel 38:7-8).

We are the generation of that distant future!

Russia, Iran, and to a lesser extent Turkey have been entrenched in Syria, adjacent to Israel, for the past 3-4 years. Their armies are mobilized! Israel has recovered from four conventional wars with Arab nations (1948, 1956, 1967, & 1973) and is currently enjoying a measure of international peace unmatched since a few years before Ezekiel penned this extraordinary prophecy!

Continuing in Ezekiel:

“This is what the Sovereign Lord says: At that time evil thoughts will come to your mind, and you will devise a wicked scheme. You will say, ‘Israel is an unprotected land filled with unwalled villages! I will march against her and destroy these people who live in such confidence! I will go to those formerly desolate cities that are now filled with people who have returned from exile in many nations. I will capture vast amounts of plunder, for the people are rich with livestock and other possessions now. They think they whole world revolves around them!’” (Ezekiel 38:10-12).

Israel will be confident … overconfident and under prepared; thus, caught off guard because of the 7-year peace treaty arranged by Antichrist Nero. However, this invasion won’t come from Nero and his ten-nation coalition, as he will still be in the process of consolidating and strengthening his regime. He will sit idly by and wait to see what happens. If Israel is destroyed, so much the better. Other nations will do to Israel what he planned to do … later.

*Note: Because the United States will be decimated by loss of millions of believers at the Rapture (and to a lesser extent Canada and Australia), America and other nations will not be able to defend Israel; as would be the case if Israel was invaded by a huge army right now. Some of these (can’t do anything about it) nations will be part of Nero’s empire (Eye of Prophecy article: “One Ring to Rule Them All…” posted 11-21-15).

Although Israel’s reaction time would be swift and her defense formidable, it won’t matter how militarily strong she is. The Gog/Magog alliance will be far too powerful, in terms of soldiers and armament. But that won’t matter either. Because God’s sovereign plan for the unfolding of Tribulation events is that: (1) His power and glory will be revealed early in the Tribulation by the most astounding victory in the annals of warfare. One that won’t require Israelis to lift a military finger against Gog/Magog. Israel’s real war of survival will take place near the end of the 7-year Tribulation against Antichrist’s ten-nation empire and the Kings of the East … Daniel 7 & 11, Zechariah 12 & 14, Revelation 16 & 17.

(2) Against that subsequent end-of-the-tribulation invasion, the Jews must fight; and fight they will—furiously and ferociously. That is when Messiah Jesus will return to the Mount of Olives to do battle alongside his chosen people. Culminating a short time later with his majestic descent from heaven (along with all believers) to Megiddo … Revelation 19. (See Eye of Prophecy article, Armageddon & Messiah’s Return … An Amazing Sequence of Events! (2-3-18).

A Recent Iranian Boast

In a long-line of Iranian threats and taunts against Israel, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Haqdi, deputy commander of the Iranian Republican Guard (supposedly an elite force within Iran’s military) said in a recent interview that Saudi Arabia’s military pales in comparison to Iran’s … that Iran could easily destroy it. He then bragged that Iran would also destroy all American military bases in the region if the United States attacked Iran in any way.

Who knows, he may be right on these two counts, especially if President Trump follows through with his decision to withdraw American special forces in Syria.

This arrogant general finished the interview by turning his attention to Israel (as would be expected). He crowed that Israel will, “be destroyed and wiped out … the Zionists annihilated and destroyed.”

(Typical signs displayed in Iran)

He boasted that he personally will raise the Iran Islamic Revolution flag in Jerusalem!

Might he be right about that prediction?

If you said, “No, not even close!” you would be 100% correct. Neither he nor any other Iranian (or Russian or Turk) will step foot in Jerusalem waving their national flag!


Because the Lord says so.

“…When Gog invades the land of Israel, my fury will boil over! In my jealousy and blazing anger, I promise a mighty shaking in the land of Israel on that day… all the people on earth will quake in terror at my presence. Mountains will be thrown down; cliffs will crumble; walls will fall to the earth … Your men will turn their swords against each other. I will punish you and your armies with disease and bloodshed; I will send torrential rains, hailstones, fire, and burning sulfur! In this way, I will show my greatness and holiness, and I will make myself known to all the nations of the world. Then they will know that I am the Lord” (Ezekiel 38:18-23).

There’s more. And its graphic!

“You and your army and your allies will all die on the mountains. I will feed you to the vultures and wild animals. You will fall in the open fields … And I will rain down fire on Magog and on all your allies who live safely on the coasts…” (Ezekiel 39:4-6).

Then the passage dramatically declares that the people of Israel will gather the armaments of these defeated nations; the material will be used as fuel that will last Israel seven years! Which is another reason to place this invasion early in the Tribulation. Along with the descriptive evidence that the supernatural disasters previously cited are nearly identical to the 6th & 7th seal judgments and the 1st and 2nd Trumpet judgments of Revelation. Refer to Eye of Prophecy article: Stunning Catastrophes of the Tribulation / Their Timing and Purpose, 11-4-17.

Reading on:

“And I will make a vast graveyard for Gog and his hordes … east of the Dead Sea…. It will take seven months for the people of Israel to bury the bodies and cleanse the land. Everyone in Israel will help, for it will be a glorious victory for Israel when I demonstrate my glory on that day, says the Sovereign Lord. After seven months, teams of men will be appointed to search the land for skeletons to bury….” (Ezekiel 39:11-14).

In this most lop-sided victory in the archives of military conflict, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) won’t need to fire a single shot. God will do it all! The only thing Israel need do is to pick up the pieces … literally.


At a time of unparalleled post-Rapture peace between Israel and her enemies (already in the making), Russia, Iran, Turkey and smaller nations will move against Israel. In fact, that (false) peace treaty will be the match that ignites this first major assault against Israel during the Great Tribulation. One, however, in which God alone will strike back; the first time he will do so since one of his angels killed 185,000 Assyrian solders in a single night (701 B.C.).

In Israel’s litany of battles and wars, rarely does God alone defeat Israel’s enemies without Israel needing to fight at all. In fact, there are only two in the Old Testament. Three if we include parting of the Red Sea and drowning of all the Egyptians who vainly pursued the Israelites at Pharaoh’s order. However, at the time of the Red Sea miracles, Israel didn’t have an army as such.

Here is an excerpt from Eye of Prophecy article: Stand Still & Watch God Fight For Israel! Posted 7-30-16.

As we’ve seen: God’s victorious rout of Israel’s enemies in the time of Jehoshaphat and Hezekiah was nothing short of stunning….

Against Gog and Magog, the Lord doubles down. He strikes this massive alliance of several nations—what presumably will be hundreds of thousands or even millions of troops aligned against Israel—by turning the forces of nature against them and causing their troops to turn on each other.

Yes, this will be the third time in the chronicles of warfare that God alone will destroy Israel’s enemies without the Jews needing to fight at all. As with Jehoshaphat and his people, the Israelis will simply, “stand still and watch the Lord’s victory.” As did Sennacherib in Hezekiah’s time, all of Israel will watch Gog (if he survives) flee the scene with the proverbial “tail between his legs.”

(Depiction of Angel Slaying the Assyrians)

Yet, the staggering death toll (in just a few hours) of 185,000 Assyrian soldiers in 701 B.C. will be dwarfed by the incredible devastation wreaked on the Gog/Magog armies. Just like the Assyrians never set foot in Jerusalem in Hezekiah’s time, neither will Gog and his allies reach the Holy City.

Which, in turn, will be exponentially eclipsed by the apocalyptic casualties inflicted by Jesus himself against the massive armies of Antichrist, the Far East, and other nations who would dare to join them in this final futile attempt of evil triumphing over good.

With a combination of symbolism (grapes, winepress) and the literal results, we read what will happen at Armageddon:

“The grapes were trampled in the winepress outside the city, and blood flowed from the winepress in a stream about 180 miles long and as high as a horse’s bridle” (Revelation 14:20).

Things to Ponder

“…The world has now become the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign forever and ever” (Revelation 11:15).

This announcement that God and His Messiah had begun to reign comes just before the 7th Trumpet judgment.

Then later in the chapter: “…It is time to destroy all who have caused destruction on the earth” (Revelation 11:18).

The 7th Trumpet judgement and even more destructive seven bowls of God’s final wrath were yet to be poured out on an evil world, with these judgments of mind-boggling magnitude directed almost exclusively at Antichrist Nero and his empire.

“And I heard a voice from the altar, saying, ‘Yes, O Lord God, the Almighty, your judgments are true and just’” (Revelation 16:7).

Ultimately, the only way to bring everlasting peace to this wicked world is by an all-out righteous war. No negotiation; no appeasement; no containment; no partial or temporary victory. Only total triumph over evil and those who embody it.

“Then I saw heaven opened, and a white horse was standing there. Its rider was named Faithful and True, for he judges fairly and wages a righteous war” (Revelation 19:11).

All praise, honor, and glory to the King of all kings.

He is our Prince of peace!