Polar Opposites

The North Pole and the South Pole are on opposite (vertical) ends of the Earth’s Axis. Thus we have a Northern Hemisphere and a Southern Hemisphere. With the (horizontal) Equator splitting the difference. Some have successfully traveled to these extreme poles on Planet Earth. However, no one has been to the eastern or western most point on the Globe; there is no such thing as an East Pole or a West Pole. North is up; south is down; east and west are left or right, depending on whether we’re facing north or south. All maps of the world are made in this fashion.

The North and South Poles symbolically characterize the extreme polarization taking place all over the world. East and West represent the immeasurable and unbridgeable distance between two opposite points of reference that otherwise don’t tangibly exist, except for the identifiable extremes between right and wrong, good and evil.

Left is left and right is right. East is east and west is west and never the two shall meet. However, the increasing polarization of the human race is just as predictably obvious on a horizontal level as the vertical polarity between those who have a personal relationship with the Lord and those who don’t. Between those who are spiritually reborn (John Chapter 3)—who no longer have a “polar opposite” disconnect with the Lord—and those who deliberately remain separated from their Creator and Savior.

In fact, when we believe and receive Messiah Jesus as personal Savior, then:

The first definition of pole in Webster’s Dictionary is the physical one that we would expect: “a long slender cylindrical object…”

The next definition set: “either extremity of an axis of a sphere and esp. of the earth’s axis. Either of two related opposites … point of guidance or attraction …. The fixed point in a system of polar coordinates that serves as the origin…” This definition expands the tangible nature of poles and polar to the intangible. So we often use the term “polar opposites” when discussing disparate political, economic, social, and religious paradigms, along with our beliefs and opinions.

Polar: “diametrically opposite.” Polarity: “diametrical opposition.”

All of which lead to a term used to describe the extremes that have always been the norm for the human race, but nothing like what we’ve progressively experienced in the 20th and 21st centuries … polarization. Our personal, state, national, and international pendulums swing far to the left or far to the right; we seldom see them stationary in the middle.

After depicting the physical characteristics, Webster’s Dictionary defines polarization as: “a division into two opposites.”

Polarize: “to break up into opposing factions or groupings; to become polarized.”

People and countries all over the world, especially western nations, are more polarized than ever before. These extremes have created a mentality of “us or them” with virtually no political or social or interpersonal conciliatory balance for the greater good of a state or nation.

We seldom communicate rationally or politely anymore, particularly on social media. We rant and rave. We yell and curse. We clash verbally and physically. It’s not, “I’m a Democrat (or Republican), but I respect your opinion.” Instead: “I’m a Democrat and the Republican Party shouldn’t even exist; it’s a threat to this nation. President Trump is not (my) president.” Some Republicans said the same thing about President Obama.

What amazes me most is that all those people out there who claim there is no absolute truth—everything is relative or situational—are the same people who are the most adamant that their world-view is absolutely the only one that should be tolerated. They are politically correct because of their tolerance; however, anyone who disagrees with them is wrong … and, therefore, shouldn’t be tolerated.

In today’s world—ready to explode and in some places has already exploded—if hatred could be registered on a meter, the needle would be deep into the red zone.

A rational polarization that at one time afforded some measure of point, counterpoint (agree to disagree) between individuals, groups, and entire nations has become irrationally dangerous to the point where there is no middle ground, no buffer zone, and no safe haven.

It use to be that:

Now it’s: “This world isn’t big enough for the both of us.”

It’s: Democrat OR Republican; liberal OR conservative (left or right); black OR white; federal OR state; poor OR rich; socialist OR capitalist. So much so that (for example in the United States) we now have physical clashes between the far “Alt-right” and the ultra-left “antifa” (anti-fascist)—as seen in the recent Charlottesville and Berkeley demonstrations.

Many say with their lips but not with their hearts: “Let’s make peace.” What they’re really saying is: “I want a piece of you.” In the Middle East, Muslim nations and the Palestinians don’t want peace with Israel. They want a piece of Israel here, a piece there, until the entire Jewish pie is theirs.

Or: If I can break you into little pieces, then I can put you back together the way I think you should be.

Only the Lord can put Humpty Dumpty (individuals and entire nations) back together again.

“So we have stopped evaluating others from a human point of view. At one time we thought of Christ merely from a human point of view. How differently we know him now! This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” (II Corinthians 5:16-17).

The most far-reaching polarization—increasing with kaleidoscope intensity—is the conflict between national sovereignty and international supremacy on Planet Earth. It is global in its scope and fateful in its implications; a socioeconomic and geopolitical rift that is preparing the earth’s population for the soon to come Antichrist. It is currently experienced on two levels between:

(1) Populism v. Ultra-Federalized Government (of the elite)

Webster’s Dictionary defines Populism as: “belief in the rights, wisdom, or virtues of the common people.” It is the grass-roots premise that the ordinary person has equal say in electing and running the government of his/her nation. For the United States, it is the bedrock belief of America’s founding fathers proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence: the inalienable rights for all citizens of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is the noble idea so eloquently expressed by President Abraham Lincoln: Government of the people, by the people, for the people. It is the rank and file expressing and exercising their right to “equal opportunity,” whether that opportunity leads to success or not.

If it’s necessary to fairly but firmly, peaceably but persistently challenge the “elite establishment” who assume it to be their privilege and authority (just by virtue of being the self-defined elite) to govern the masses, then so be it.

Here is an excerpt from my second book, Out of the Abyss (in italics):

Ironically, that’s exactly what … natural scientists, human secularists, occult spiritualists, God-less governments, and agnostic academia in general try to do. They inevitably ascribe to themselves the controlled capacity, the distinctive domain, and the potent position of determining their destiny. And, if you will but afford them the privilege and opportunity; if you will “give them an ear,” they will gladly assist you in discovering your origin and purpose for life. Ultimately, if you yield complete attention and allegiance, they will be delighted to direct your future.

Okay, a little sarcasm here. And I don’t mean to unduly pick on the scientific, academic, philosophical, political, cultural, and social elite; though they carry a lot of weight and exert a significant influence on the common person. Ultimately every man and woman must choose what they believe, and to whom or what they will listen and follow. As Joshua said, “choose today whom you will serve…” (Joshua 24:15). (Pages 22-23).

Although U.S. President Donald Trump ran on the Republican ticket, he considered himself to be a “Populist.” Among other things his objective was to be a people’s president who would “drain the swamp” (of bureaucracy in Washington D.C.), change the status quo, take back the country for the people, and “make American great again.”

Essentially, he appealed to the rank and file and the silent majority of America’s population who, by and large, wanted a return to the Judeo-Christian moral and spiritual foundation upon which the United States was built, and then blessed by God.

A people who wanted to once again be “in charge” of their government instead of elite federalists determining and even dictating what (it assumed) the people needed or wanted. A bottom-up instead of a top-down administration that would get back to the uncomplicated basics of government that represents the people … not just in theory, but in practice.

Subsequent populism movements failed in the Netherlands when moderate Mark Rutte won the election of March 15, 2017 over the populist candidate, Geert Wilders. Also in France during the final election run-off on May 7, 2017 when liberal-moderate candidate Emmanuel Macron became President over populist Marine Le Pen.

Although the Dutch and French “people” candidates lost, their party platforms are still strong. These countries and others like Hungary, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, and, of course, the United States have experienced an incredible change in geopolitics.

The following is a quote from Geert Wilders which conveys his passion for the common people of The Netherlands to regain control of their country. And also speaking for the populist movement in many nations. (An excerpt from Eye of Prophecy article, The World Wants a Messiah … But Needs (The) Messiah, posted in January, 2017). Said Geert Wilders:

It breaks my heart when I see that people have become strangers in their own land—almost everywhere in Europe. But it is our country, it’s not their country—it’s our country. And it is unacceptable that you fear for the future of your children, that women are afraid, that Jews, ex-Muslims, Christians fear for their safety.

Our parties give the people an opportunity for good patriots. Patriots who want to make our borders safe again! Patriots who want to stop mass immigration. Patriots who want to restore the sovereignty of our countries, our money, our laws and our future.

The people are fed up with the political correctness of the elites! Are you fed up, or are you not fed up?

It remains to be seen who will win Germany’s election of 9-24-17; however, one of (many say the most controversial) key issues to all of these elections was/is immigration, both legal and illegal.

(2) Nationalism v. Globalism (International Sovereignty over Individual Nations)

This is a polarization that will supersede all other schisms: after the Rapture, one that will separate people into two global camps. One that will force “fence-riding” individuals and nations to choose a (would-be) messiah over personal and national interests. It will be a day and night contrast never before seen. A pre-tribulation polarization is already underway in the European Union, sparked by the United Kingdom’s popular vote last June to leave the European Union (Brexit). The United Nations is an even broader example of an international organization that is supposed to act as a defender and arbiter of the national rights of signatory members. Instead, it has become more of a totalitarian confederation whose underlying purpose is to delegitimize and eventually ostracize Israel from the family of nations.

Most of the recent UN Resolutions have been passed to sanction Israel for non-existent and unfounded reasons, not the least of which is so-called settler occupation of the West Bank (Judea/Samaria). UNESCO is rewriting history by claiming that all of the holy sites in Israel belong to Palestinian Muslims. Nearly all of these injunctions are drafted by Islamic nations, yet dozens of nations including Europeans vote in favor of condemning Israel, the only democratic nation in the Middle East. These sanctions are greater in number than the combined resolutions against such repressive countries like Iran, Syria, North Korea, and China combined.

Of the utmost irony is that polar opposite groups like the alt-right KKK and far left Black Lives Matter or white supremacists like Richard Spencer v. extreme liberalists like Linda Sarsour have one thing in common: they hate Israel and the Jews. As do the polar extremes of Communism and Fascism, and Islamic bitter rivals Sunni and Shi’ite whose governments and people have been at war with one another for several decades now. Both Sunnis and Shi’ites have called for the eradication of the State of Israel.

According to the Bible, that would be the way of it during the end-times. Nation against nation, ethnic group against ethnic group. And virtually all nations against Israel and her Messiah, who is the Divine Son of God, Savior of Jew and Gentile alike. Several passages in Scripture speak of multiple nations rising up against (reborn) Israel in the last days. And though I haven’t counted them in my constant study of Scripture, I would venture to say there are an equal number of times in which the Lord warns nations against harming his special possession Israel. Such as:

“The day is near when I, the Lord, will judge all godless nations! As you have done to Israel, so it will be done to you. All your evil deeds will fall back on your own heads. Just as you swallowed up my people on my holy mountain, so you and the surrounding nations will swallow the punishment I pour out on you. Yes, all you nations will drink and stagger and disappear from history” (Obadiah 1:15-16).

Though we don’t know for certain, it’s highly unlikely that Israel will be attacked (as happened in Israel’s 1948 War of Independence, 1967 Six-Day War, and the 1973 Yom Kippur War) by a coalition of (Muslim) nations before the Rapture occurs. I say this for two reasons: (1) It’s clear to many Bible scholars (including me) as well as Christians and (mostly Orthodox) Jews world-wide that we are living in the last days … leading imminently to the Messianic Age. (2) Thus, the next international attack against Israel will be the Gog/Magog coalition composed of Russia, Iran, Turkey and other smaller nations. I have written about this campaign in several Eye of Prophecy articles. God, himself will supernaturally and soundly crush this ungodly, anti-Semitic coalition. As I’ve written with strong supporting evidence, the Gog/Magog assault will take place in the early part of the Tribulation.

The Antichrist and his ten-nation coalition will then attempt to finish the job of conquering Israel (and nations opposing the Antichrist) that Gog/Magog never came close to accomplishing. Although Antichrist will break the seven-year treaty with Israel half-way through it (Daniel 9), his military campaign against Israel won’t take place until the end of the Great Tribulation.

Antichrist Will Appeal to Populists and Globalists, To the Common Man and to the Elite

Another irony is that these extremes will enable Antichrist Nero to capture the attention of many left behind at the Rapture. Both the far left and far right and everyone on a sliding scale in between will realize that there is no geopolitical or social solution to such polarization; only one man can bridge the chasm. This false messiah won’t need a world government or a world religion. Although he will assemble a ten-nation coalition for military purposes, his global appeal will extend far beyond individual differences, political poles, national boundaries, and international coalitions.

In my book, Out of the Abyss and in many Eye of Prophecy articles in the category of Antichrist, you will find an abundance of material from Scripture (including an in-depth study of every single passage on the Antichrist) and from secular history yielding convincing evidence that the Roman Emperor Nero is the Antichrist. For purpose of this week’s article, I will quote only two of those passages:

First Passage: “Why are you so amazed? The angel asked. I will tell you the mystery of this woman and of the beast with seven heads and ten horns on which she sits. The beast you saw was once alive but isn’t now. And yet he will soon (meaning abruptly) come up out of the bottomless pit… And the people who belong to this world (the unsaved left behind at the Rapture) … will be amazed at the reappearance of this beast who had died” (Revelation 17:7-8, parenthesis mine, italics for emphasis).

This is the passage that riveted my attention in November, 2008, and which launched my quest to determine the identity of the Antichrist beast because Revelation 13:18 challenges, “the one with understanding (to) solve the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is 666.” Who in the first century had already lived and died even before John saw the vision of the beast? Who would “reappear” from the Abyss to the utter astonishment of a chaotic world in shock because hundreds of millions had been taken from the earth?

Second Passage: “I saw that one of the heads (each one of the seven heads were Roman Emperors of the first century, with the composite beast the Antichrist himself) of the beast seemed wounded beyond recovery—but the fatal would was healed! The whole world marveled at this miracle and gave allegiance to the beast. They worshipped the dragon (Satan) for giving the beast such power, and they also worshipped the beast. ‘Who is as great as the beast?’ they exclaimed. ‘Who is able to fight against him?’” (Revelation 13:3-4, parenthesis mine).

(Please see Eye of Prophecy articles, Exposing Antichrist’s Identity … More Compelling Evidence, Part I & II, published 3-18 & 3-25-17)

There’s absolutely no ambiguity in either of these passages. The angel is revealing the mystery of the visions. Once a mystery is revealed, it’s no longer a mystery. It’s meant to be understood clearly and convincingly. The identity of the beast was meant to be known; in fact, the angel even challenges the reader to do so. In this passage, there was one and only one reason that people all over the earth gave their undivided loyalty to the Antichrist beast. They did so because they “marveled at this miracle.”

What was the miracle that they marveled at? They were amazed (Revelation 17) because an ancient Roman emperor had returned from a 2,000-year old grave. Thus, people from ethnic groups, from languages, and from nations all over the earth will, “give allegiance to” and “worship” this man. Many will set aside their differences. Common and elite alike will identify themselves with the same “mark (of the beast) … either the name of the beast or the number representing his name…” (Revelation 13:18).

(I Suppose a Bar Code Could be Used Instead of an Implant of the Numbers 666, But Many Will Simply Choose the Name of Nero in Their Hand or Forehead)

Nero will flaunt his miraculous return by claiming that he is the Messiah, that he is God. He will cut across cultural, religious, social, and political diversities. He will depolarize liberals and conservatives including the far left and far right. He will bridge an otherwise unbridgeable gap between the elite and the “average person.” He will eliminate the impassable gulf between the nationalists and the globalists. Polar opposites will be in shock and awe due exclusively to Nero’s “reappearance” on Planet Earth.

Nowhere in Scripture do we read that the Antichrist is a military, political, or economic genius or a great orator, a consummate politician, a charismatic leader—all traits commonly exhibited by a world leader. He is a braggart and a blasphemer of God Almighty (see Daniel 7 and Revelation 13) but he is not portrayed as an eloquent statesmen who will persuade the world with an irresistible personality. His magnetism will come directly from a world in wonder and fear of his incredible return from the grave.

From Out of the Abyss:

“The Antichrist is not afforded blind worship because he is a superman in terms of being an accomplished statesman, orator, or leader. The False Prophet does that for him. The superhuman qualities accorded him will literally lie in his mystical return from death” (Page 182).

In the context of Antichrist’s accomplishments upon his reappearance from the Abyss soon after the Rapture by galvanizing the attention and allegiance of a cross-section of people from every nation and language, let’s look at:

A Brief Summary of Nero’s Reign as the Fifth Roman Emperor

During the first half or so of his fourteen-year reign, Nero found enormous favor with the common Roman citizen and (to a lesser extent) with the nobility—including the Roman Senate composed mostly of the wealthy elite—despite his enactment of laws that favored the middle and lower class more so than the upper class. Actually, the masses adored him during most of his reign. When he began to display his base nature of gross immorality, brutality (mostly against Christians), and disregard for the everyday affairs of the Roman Empire, many still revered him … even after his death.

The following is an excerpt from the Britannica.com website (in italics):

He put an end to the more odious features of the later years of Claudius’s reign (Nero’s step-father, the Roman Emperor who preceded Nero, parenthesis mine), including secret trials before the emperor and the dominance of corrupt freedmen, and he accorded more independence to the Senate… His government forbade contests in the circus involving bloodshed, banned capital punishment, reduced taxes, and accorded permission to slaves to bring civil complaints against unjust matters… Claudius had put 40 senators to death, but between the murders instigated by Agrippina (Nero’s mother, Claudius’s wife, parenthesis mine) in 54 and the year 62, there were no like incidents in Nero’s reign. Nero also inaugurated competitions in poetry, in the theatre, and in athletics to counter attractions to gladiatorial events. He saw to it that assistance was provided to cities that had suffered disaster, and at the request of the Jewish historian, Josephus, gave aid to the Jews.

Scripture is clear: When Nero returns, one of his first accomplishments will be a seven-year treaty with Israel (most likely between Israel and the Muslim world). During his rise to power—propelled by world-wide allegiance because of his amazing reappearance—he will curry the favor of both the elite and the common person … just as he did during his first reign as Roman Emperor. Looking again at the above excerpt, it’s evident that many segments of society will adore him: the lower and middle class because of any number of sweeping changes he will make for their benefit; but also celebrity politicians, entrepreneurs, artists, actors, and athletes.

Because of the Jekyll and Hyde transformation of Nero (the overt, noticeable changes) in the latter years of his reign, the Roman Senate turned on him. And Nero turned against Israel when Jewish zealots began a rebellion against Rome in 66 A.D. Nero personally ordered Generals Vespasian and Titus (Vespasian’s son) to crush the uprising. As many know, this ruthless campaign against the Jews ended with destruction of the Jewish Temple and world-wide dispersion of the Jews in 70 A.D. Vespasian became Caesar in 69 A.D.; Titus in 79 A.D.

*Note: In Order, the following are color-tinted busts of Caesars Nero, Vespasian, and Titus

Another thing that appalled the noble senators and their wealthy constituents: their Emperor had embarrassed himself and the image of the powerful Roman Empire by performing in the theatre, including playing the role of slaves. In today’s world, artists and actors are held in much higher esteem than they were in the first century. Long and short of it: the Roman Senate agreed to depose Nero as Emperor, convincing several Roman Generals and their legions to go along with them. Nero knew his time was up and unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide—finally ordering his servant to strike the fatal blows (June 9, 68 A.D.).

An excerpt from Wikipedia (in italics):

According to Suetonius and Cassius Dio, the people of Rome celebrated the death of Nero. Tacitus, though, describes a more complicated political environment. Tacitus mentions that Nero’s death was welcomed by Senators, nobility and the upper class. The lower-class, slaves, frequenters of the arena and the theater, and “those who were supported by the famous excesses of Nero”, on the other hand, were upset with the news. Members of the military were said to have mixed feelings, as they had allegiance to Nero, but had been bribed to overthrow him.

Eastern sources, namely Philostratus II and Apollonius of Tyana, mention that Nero’s death was mourned as he “restored the liberties of Hellas with a wisdom and moderation quite alien to his character” and that he “held our liberties in his hand and respected them.”

Modern scholarship generally holds that, while the Senate and more well-off individuals welcomed Nero’s death, the general populace was “loyal to the end and beyond, for Otho and Vitellius both thought it worthwhile to appeal to their nostalgia.”

Galba began his short reign with the execution of many of Nero’s allies…

Otho overthrew Galba. Otho was said to be liked by many soldiers because he had been a friend of Nero’s and resembled him somewhat in temperament. It was said that the common Roman hailed Otho as Nero himself. Otho used “Nero” as a surname and re-erected many statues to Nero. Vitellius overthrew Otho. Vitellius began his reign with a large funeral for Nero complete with songs written by Nero.

The Treaty

One of Nero’s greatest accomplishments during his tenure as Caesar (which was tantamount at the time to being ruler of the civilized world) was a treaty he initiated between Rome and her bitter enemy, Parthia. Off and on for many years, Rome and Parthia (part of which was ancient Persia) had been at war until the treaty of 63 A.D.

Here is an excerpt from Out of the Abyss that explains both the historical and future implications of this treaty coordinated by Nero. (In italics):

Ancient historians tell us that Nero was obsessed with being popular. He wanted everyone to like him to the point of complete loyalty, adulation, and even worship. For most of his reign he achieved that popularity, especially with the common Roman citizen, but not because Nero was a brilliant speaker or a charismatic leader.

Of all things, it was a treaty that Nero engineered between Rome and Parthia that helped endear him to the Roman Senate, the Roman Legions, and the Roman citizens….

His popularity increased dramatically and this peace between Rome and Parthia would last for another 50 years. Moreover, this accomplishment was not a result of any extraordinary talents or gifts that Nero possessed. In fact, when examining history, the single most influential factor in negotiating a treaty relates to the state-of-affairs conditions and circumstances that gave rise to an agreement between people and nations.

After the Rapture, Nero won’t have much of a problem in negotiating a treaty with Israel. Remember, there will be no Christians left immediately after the Rapture. But there will be chaos, confusion, and disorder. Most Arabs and many Jews will be among the left behind. The world will be ripe for conciliation, for unity, for peace, for order. Nero will capitalize on this pandemonium by orchestrating a treaty, one that will allow the Jewish Temple to be built…. I use the word orchestrating, because one of Nero’s talents was that of arranging and synchronizing things, such as a group of people with dissident views or like a musical play, of which he wrote and performed several—in Greek.

And, who in the world is going to argue with a man who returns to the earth after a two thousand-year absence? With regard to the sack of Jerusalem in 70 AD, all Nero need say is that the Roman Generals went way too far. He will probably remind tribulation Jews that he died in 68 AD, two years before the Roman Legions destroyed the Temple. That he had not intended for the Jews to be exiled from Judea or for the Temple to be destroyed. After a fashion, he might even apologize to the Jews. His way of making up for the ancient Roman mistreatment of the Jews will be to offer them a new Temple.

He will also placate the Arabs, telling them that if there is a god to follow or worship, Allah would be that god. He will remind the Jews and Arabs that his hostility as a Roman Emperor was rightfully and justifiably directed against the Christians—those narrow minded, bigoted, self-righteous hypocrites whose disappearance has done mankind a favor by cleansing the earth of religious intolerance.

If you like, you could come up with any number of lies that a resurrected Nero will fabricate and foist on Israel and the nations. But the bottom line is that untold millions will follow him for the same reason that many have followed Jesus Christ: RESURRECTION FROM THE DEAD (Pages 179-180).

Things to Ponder

All the other designations of Antichrist in Scripture—ruler, king, little horn, man of lawlessness, and beast—have been consolidated into one appellation that is much more well-known the world over: Antichrist. Or Anti-Messiah. (Please see the Eye of Prophecy trilogy: A Beast by Any Other Name … Posted 3-14, 3-21, & 3-28-15.

Nero will be anti-Messiah, but he will also counterfeit the true Messiah. The very idea of a Messiah comes from Scripture, through numerous Old Testament prophecies of the coming “anointed one.” Then the fulfillment of those prophecies in meticulous detail by Jesus of Nazareth.

Through his status as a messiah, Nero will depolarize individual and national differences. Most likely during the first half of the Tribulation, before he reveals his true colors—in the same fashion during his reign as Caesar. This time he will be given only seven years, not fourteen, with the last half of the Tribulation the (God-given) “…authority to do whatever he wanted for forty-two months” (Revelation 13:5).

For the globalists, Nero will unify and consolidate many (but not all) peoples and nations into a world utopia mentality as he almost did for the Roman nobility and masses with his pursuit of the Pax Romana. For the populists and nationalists, he will appear to champion individual rights by promoting personal pride and national identity, as he did with the greater populace of Rome. Before he destroys the Vatican, Nero will conciliate Roman Catholicism with Islam. (Pope Francis is already setting the stage for such an appeasement. See Eye of Prophecy article, The Vatican and Islam … A Perfect Match for Antichrist, posted 6-4-16).

Isn’t that what the world will want and expect? Isn’t that what a messiah is supposed to do?

Nero’s arrogant ambitions will coming to a screeching halt when he and his enemies vainly and absurdly decide to collectively fight the King of all kings, as they watch Messiah Jesus and the “armies of heaven” (we believers) descend to earth! (See Revelation 19).

The irreconcilable polarizations are: Good and evil, truth and lies. Though Nero will deceive billions into believing evil is good and his lies are the truth, he will not succeed in merging these polar opposites together. Good and evil are forever separated by their very definition and essence. The ultimate solution is not coexistence. Only Messiah Jesus—Son of God, Son of David, and Son of Man—can and will eliminate the Satanic polar opposite of all that is good, and right, and just.

“But then the court will pass judgment, and all his (Antichrist) power will be taken away and completely destroyed. Then the sovereignty, power, and greatness of all the kingdoms under heaven will be given to the holy people of the Most High. His kingdom will last forever, and all rulers will serve and obey him” (Daniel 7:26-27, parenthesis mine).

“Then I heard a loud voice shouting across the heavens, ‘It has come at last—salvation and power and the Kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Messiah” (Revelation 12:10).