Russia’s appalling attack on Ukraine began 24 days ago (February 24th, 2022).

Global media coverage has been incessant.

Heads of states, geopolitical analysts, op-ed writers, journalists, military experts, religious leaders, and common folk have voiced strong opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inexcusable strikes against Ukraine.

Except for rogue nations like North Korea and Venezuela, the world has seldom seen such a universal condemnation of one nation’s unacceptable intrusion into another (innocent) country.

Opinions abound: Why did Putin order this unprovoked offensive against Ukraine? What will it take for Russia to withdraw or even to deescalate? As expected, most viewpoints or impressions are secular in origin and nature. However, Christians (teachers and students alike, particularly those interested in Bible prophecies) are also weighing in on these ominous developments.

Those who are familiar with this Eye of Prophecy blogsite know that all articles in the five categories (Current Events; Prophecy in General; Devotional / Miscellaneous; Antichrist; The Rapture) convey—to some extent or another—Biblical explanations and/or perspectives. To provide a clear witness for Messiah Jesus who is the very essence of prophecy (Revelation 19:10); to defend and confirm the truth of the gospel (Philippians 1:7); and to clarify, correlate, and even correct some mainstream prophecy views … if/when necessary (Habakkuk 2:2).

Thus, to begin with, one thing is certain: Russia’s venture into Ukraine is not, as some have suggested, a direct fulfillment of the well-known last days Gog/Magog prophecy vividly depicted in the Old Testament book of Ezekiel Chapters 38 & 39.

On the other hand, as proposed in today’s Eye of Prophecy article: it very well could be (I believe it is) a preparation portrayal of the Gog/Magog event.

There are two main reasons why the conquest prophesied in Ezekiel is not (yet) happening: First, the Gog/Magog coalition is just that … an enormous alliance of three powerful nations/armies (Russia, Iran, Turkey) and several smaller countries, such as Libya, whose diabolical objective is to conquer Israel … not Ukraine.

Secondly, as I’ve stated in some of the previous Eye of Prophecy articles written about the Gog/Magog end times campaign against Israel, it won’t take place until (shortly) after the Rapture. With reasons provided for that timeframe.

Accordingly, I’ll begin with this premise: Although Russia’s audacious attack against Ukraine is not specifically found in Scripture, it is (or in the process of becoming) a dress rehearsal. A prelude to the far greater and the not-so-distant future Gog/Magog crusade against Israel.

Whether Vladimir Putin will turn out to be the leader Gog is, of course, not known for sure. If not Putin, then most likely his successor who could be even more cruel and careless (foolish). A probable scenario is that Putin or a successor will not contemplate an attack on Israel until he realizes that the Ukraine campaign was at least partly successful (according to Putin’s criteria).

Meanwhile we will wait to see if (when) Putin withdraws from the Ukraine.

Probably in the form of a “strategic retreat,” having proven whatever points or achieved whatever gains he wants to make. This dress rehearsal (expanded meaning of the term) for a much bigger accomplishment (conquest of Israel) was either hatched in Putin’s devious mind/plan before he invaded Ukraine; or it will occur to him during the war with Ukraine or afterwards, to include correction of mistakes and presumptions made during this trial run.

Says God through Ezekiel to Gog: “You and all your allies—a vast and awesome army—will roll down on them like a storm and cover the land like a cloud” (Ezekiel 38:9).

Significant Sets of Twos in the Bible

This heading is the title of an Eye of Prophecy article posted 3-30-2019. The following is an excerpt from the early portion of that post (in italics):

Before we examine the ten most prominent pairs in Scripture, let’s briefly look at the one attribute of God (he has many) that is identified in twosomes. This dual dynamic is ascribed both to God and His Son, Messiah Jesus.

First and Last / Beginning and End / Alpha & Omega

Beginning with God the Father: “This is what the Lord says—Israel’s King and Redeemer, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies: ‘I am the First and the Last; there is no other God’” (Isaiah 44:6).

In the final revelation of himself, Jesus said to John: “…I am the First and the Last. I am the living one. I died, but look—I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and the grave” (Revelation 1:17-18).

First and Last and Beginning and End are two terms with the same meaning but articulated in different words for both emphasis and better understanding. First and Last express the everlasting existence of the Triune God—Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Which intriguingly conveys the concept that God is without beginning and without end. It is a statement of the Lord’s essence as found in his very name, Yahweh—I AM. Beginning and End reflect God’s eternal omnipotence in action, i.e., beginning all things and all things yielding (ending) to a New Beginning

…Let’s look at the most significant pairs of people or events found in the two Testaments that comprise the awesome Word of God—the Bible.

The article goes on to list ten sets of twos which are not all sets found in Scripture … just some of the most prominent.

Seven of those ten sets:

First & Second Creation of the Heavens and Earth

The First Adam & The Second Adam (The First Man & The Last Man) *Adam & Jesus

Birth and Rebirth of Israel

Old Covenant (Law) & New Covenant (Grace)

First Advent & Second Advent of Messiah (*Note: Several other articles have been written about the two-part return of Messiah Jesus … The Rapture & Physical touchdown on earth seven years later). Such as: The Rapture / Before or After the Great Tribulation? Posted 9-7-2019.

Israel—Two Exiles & Two Returns

Christ & His Antithesis, Antichrist

Then, in the final part of that article:

These striking sets of twos encapsulate God’s panoramic plans for humanity, plus his providential power, persistence, and patience to accomplish those plans.

In these pairs, we find one or more of the following: contrast, correlation, clarification, combination, correction, and culmination.

We’ll examine and apply the phenomenal prophecy of Gog/Magog to what’s happening with the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine (dual connections … sets of twos). First, let’s identify some of the proposed reasons why Vladimir Putin has resorted to warfare.

Suggested Motives for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s War Against Ukraine

On Thursday, February 24, 2022, the headlines of the Arizona Republic newspaper read: “Russia attacks Ukraine.” This was a typical headline the world over. As was the case the following day … February 25th.

This time the Arizona Republic headlines were in a much larger upper-case font and in the form of a quote: ‘BRUTAL ACT OF WAR’.

The statement was attributed directly to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg’s description of Russia’s unprovoked attack on its neighbor, Ukraine. Which was exact or similar language broadcast by other national leaders. Such as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who called the assault, “hideous and barbaric.”

Hideous, barbaric, brutal, heinous, reprehensible, and other synonyms certainly fit. The heavy Russian armament (tanks, ballistic, cruise and surface-to-air-missiles, medium and heavy airplane bombers, mortars) have targeted Ukrainian military, industrial, and civilian targets alike. Such as the shameful bombing of hospitals, schools, and apartments. Ukrainian released casualty statistics indicate that more civilians have been killed than soldiers.

(One of many Ukranian civilian areas targeted by Russia)

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (also spelled in media accounts as Zelensky) said shortly afterward: “Russia treacherously attacked our state in the morning, as Nazi Germany did in World War II. As of today, our countries are on different sides of world history. Russia has embarked on a path of evil, but Ukraine is defending itself and won’t give up its freedom no matter what Moscow thinks.”

Though he is under constant threat of assassination, President Zelensky has made several other statements since the war began. Such as: “We are on our land. We don’t fear anything or anyone. We don’t owe anything to anyone. And we won’t give anything up … to further Russian aggression.”

The world is wondering: How far will Vladimir Putin go to achieve his stated objectives as well as his hidden agenda?

According to Putin’s warped ideology and rationale, the incursion into Ukraine is not a war nor even an invasion. Rather it is a “peacekeeping … special military operation.” Why? Because he has said several times over many years that, Ukraine is not a sovereign state or even a country. He claims that it and 13 nearby countries such as Georgia and Belarus still belong to Russia … once part of the vast Soviet Union until its dissolution in 1991.

To that end he has declared that two eastern regions of the Ukraine (Donetsk & Lugansk) will officially be independent “peoples republics.”

(Over 2 million Ukrainian refugees have fled to other countries)

Short-Term Reasons for Russia’s Invasion

For sake of time/space in this article, it will be condensed into demands made by the Russian president himself. Beginning with Putin’s condition that if Ukraine (and by default, NATO) does not comply with his terms, then “…circumstances require us to take decisive and immediate action (to remove Ukraine’s leaders) for committing numerous crimes.” The demands include but are not limited to the following:

  • For Kyiv (capital of Ukraine) to recognize Russian sovereignty over Crimea (more on that later), the Black Sea peninsula that Moscow annexed from Ukraine in 2014
  • Cease and desist from any plans/effort to become a member of NATO
  • For Ukraine to become “neutral”; don’t side with NATO or the EU against Russia
  • Partially demilitarize, i.e., Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms and go home
  • Acknowledge the independence of the eastern separatist regions (Donetsk & Lugansk), effectively allying these regions to Russia

Long-Term Motives for Russia’s Invasion / Cited by Political, Academic, Military Analysts

This list is also not exhaustive.

  • To restore domain (land) and dominance (world influence) that Russia lost after the disintegration of the Soviet Union
  • Even further … to recreate in some fashion the once mighty Russian Empire under the Czars
  • To assume direct or at least indirect control of Ukraine’s vast reserve of natural gas (2nd largest in Europe to Russia), with these gas fields predominantly in or near the Crimean Peninsula and eastern Ukraine … Donetsk and Kharkiv (Ukraine’s 2nd largest city)
  • Subjugate Ukraine to the extent that its leaders/people will agree, voluntarily or involuntary, to yield Ukraine’s sovereignty (a puppet government/state) once again to Russia
  • In typical fashion of tyrants who care more about themselves than their own people: to become a ruler in the blended mold of Russian Czars and Soviet Dictators, e.g., Joseph Stalin

People who personally know Vladimir Putin and/or have studied his service in the KGB and subsequent political career have noticed that he is (becoming) fearful of losing his power image in Russia … also globally.

In an article written by Soeren Kern posted 3-14-2022 in the on-line source Gatestone Institute, he quotes several reliable sources regarding Putin’s mindset and disposition. Including former NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen who said:

“Mr. Putin has changed over the years. My first meeting took place in 2002…and he was very positive regarding cooperation between Russia and the West. Then, gradually he changed his mind…. And in 2008, he attacked Georgia… In 2014, he took Crimea, and now we have seen a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. So, he has really changed over the years.

“…I think he suffers from paranoia. And he thought that after the revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine, that the aim (of the West) was to initiate a regime change in the Kremlin—in Moscow—as well. And that’s why he turned against the West.”

Other observations of his personal and political persona have spanned the gamut from cold, cruel, and conniving to confident, congenial, and cheerful.

Some are questioning his sanity.

(Russian President Vladimir Putin … a sinister smile?)

From a Biblical perspective, I’m persuaded that the reasons for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine are not as significant as what he learns (takes away) from this hellish attack in which he is oblivious to how many people suffer and die—Ukrainian or Russian. Whether his immediate goals are realized or not, he—or his successor—will shrewdly gage global reactions. This to determine if it’s feasible to launch another invasion on a far greater scale, with an even more devious plan.

Just as depicted in Scripture:

“This is what the Sovereign Lord says: At that time evil thoughts will come to your mind, and you will devise a wicked scheme. You will say, ‘Israel is an unprotected land filled with unwalled villages! I will march against her and destroy these people who live in such confidence!’” (Ezekiel 38:10-11).

The Gog/Magog campaign is part of two different sets.

One set involves the past and future: The decisive victory over the Assyrian army during the reign of Israel’s King Hezekiah; Then the devastating defeat of the Gog/Magog armies not long after the Rapture to come. And as alluded, the other set is the correlation between the present Russian foray into Ukraine and that same Gog/Magog episode in what is most likely the (fairly) near future.

Before we look more closely at these sets of twos involving Gog/Magog, let’s go back to Russia’s 2014 incursion into Crimea, which was (at that time) part of Ukraine.

Beware of the Bear!

That heading is the title of Eye of Prophecy article posted 3-22-2014 (nearly 8 years ago this month) dealing with Putin’s capture of the Crimean Peninsula (February 2014, almost 8 years to the day before he invaded Ukraine). Here is an excerpt from that article (in italics):

Moreover, by the time President Reagan completed his second term as President, he had been instrumental in achieving what no one thought possible … the dissolution of the mighty Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. (Though the Soviet Union wasn’t dismantled until 1991, this was simply the aftermath of Reagan’s efforts during the 1980s to stand tall against the Soviet regime).

Some of you may remember: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

The Russian President complied, resulting in the reunification of East and West Berlin; also, the end of Soviet dominance of East Germany, which had become like a vassal state to Russia. Soon to follow was the break-up of the Soviet Union, in which most of the 14 satellite states that comprised the Russian Sphere declared their independence from the mother land. By the end of 1991, the Soviet Union was no more….

The American eagle flew proudly over the Russian bear and spread her wings to protect and defend the nations that embraced democracy. The United States regained her status as the world’s only superpower…. Many politicians, social scientists, economists, religious leaders, and even evangelicals believed the once mighty Russian bear was dead.

Students of prophecy shook their heads in disbelief, questioning whether their analysis of the Ezekiel 38 & 39 Gog, Magog attack on Israel could possibly be accurate. Many students of the Bible reexamined the Scriptures to determine if, “the prince who rules over the nations of Meshech and Tubal” (Ezekiel 38:2) and “Gog” ruler of the land of Magog would, in fact, be the ruler of the nation that comes against Israel, “from the distant north” (Ezekiel 39:1). Had they been wrong all this time? Russia couldn’t even lead itself, let alone a great multi-national army as Ezekiel so graphically portrays….  

We see, now, that the Bear was not dead, but in a state of prolonged hibernation. Due mostly to the leadership of one man, Vladmir Putin, the people from the mother land of “the distant north” once again proudly wave the Russian flag. Recently, Mr. Putin voiced his opinion that the greatest calamity of the 20th century—indeed of modern history—was the disintegration of the Soviet Union. In no uncertain terms, he was implying that this catastrophe even exceeded the monumental disasters of World War II, including the unthinkable, unimaginable tragedy of the Holocaust. But then, with autocrats such as Putin, we must consider the source. For many, it is crystal clear what Putin intends to do: Whatever the cost, he means to rebuild the once mighty Russian empire and reestablish its preeminence among the global family of nations.

Then later in that article:

… Putin had no problem ignoring United States and the European Union’s threats of political and economic sanctions against Russia if they annexed Crimea back to the Russian Federation, which is exactly what happened just a few days ago.

…In response to Russia’s takeover of the Crimea and corresponding fear of former Russian satellite nations (such as Lithuania) that Russia will seek to return them to Russian territory, US Vice President Biden assured them that the United States is, “absolutely committed” to defending any aggression against its allies, i.e., NATO alliance nations or those who are in partnership with NATO.

Yet, many are skeptical of any U.S. or EU backing of these countries vulnerable to Russia invasion and annexation. Such as Israeli columnist and Editor Boaz Bismuth who wrote in Israel Hayom, “The Russian bear has already swallowed the (Crimean) peninsula as if it were a jar of honey.” Thus, Crimea no longer belongs to the Ukraine, even though former Russian President Nikita Khrushchev had allowed the Crimea to be part of the independent Ukraine state in the 1950s. Bismuth concluded his article by saying that Putin will, (continue to) “exploit the West’s blubbering and Washington’s lack of leadership.”

*Note: How ironic that this “lack of leadership” is once again on display, this time with Joe Biden as President, instead of Vice President.

I then discussed Russia’s expedition into and annexation of Crimea in the context of the Gog/Magog scenario. Beginning with a question:

What About Ezekiel’s Gog, Magog Prophecy?

International developments within the past few years shows that Ezekiel’s prophecy of Gog and Magog is alive and well after all! Right? Of course, right. Why is that? Because it’s found in the Bible, the very Word of God! What God says will happen, happens! Always has, always will! It parallels other Biblical prophecies that were considered to be impossible or inaccurate or non-applicable to the generation of that time, only to be proven correct by means of gradual or even sudden changes in world conditions. Israel’s miraculous born-in-a-day arrival on the world scene in 1948 is a good example.

(Caption upper left corner reads: “Russia’s Preferred Eastern European Buffer States”)

Contrasts/Comparisons of Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine & Gog’s Future Attack on Israel

Contrasts, comparisons, correlations, and combinations are components of sets of twos. And sets of twos are prominent in Scripture.


Including but not limited to (for sake of time/space):

1a) Gog continues his boasts against Israel: “I will go to those formerly desolate cities that are now filled with people who have returned from exile in many nations. I will capture vast amounts of plunder, for the people are rich with livestock and other possessions now. They think the whole world revolves around them!” (Ezekiel 38:12).

1b) In that same vein, Putin has made several conceited and derogatory comments about the Ukraine and its leaders. Calling Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky a, “drug-addled Nazi,” and asserting that Ukraine is not an “independent sovereign country.”

2a) “I will capture vast amounts of plunder…” (Verse 12). Please refer to Eye of Prophecy article, Gog, Magog, and Leviathan, posted 1-3-2015; regarding Israel’s natural gas reserves and pumping platform called Leviathan in the Mediterranean Sea off Israel’s coast.

2b) One item on Vladimir Putin’s bucket wish list is to take over (directly or indirectly) the natural gas reserves in Ukraine in addition to the ones in Crimea. Some experts believe that he is already the richest man in the world via all sorts of legal and illegal enterprises. Those that have much usually want more. If Putin turns out to be Gog of Ezekiel 38 & 39, one of the main motives for invading Israel is to increase the wealth of the Russian empire, while lining his personal pockets even more. The Bible says, “For the love of money is… (finish the sentence).

3a) Listen to the reaction of some nations to the Gog/Magog alliance: “But Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish will ask, ‘Do you really think the armies you have gathered can rob them of silver and gold? Do you think you can drive away their livestock and seize their goods and carry off plunder?’” (Ezekiel 38:13). Effectively, the warnings of other nations to Gog/Magog are nothing more than ineffective talk … no action.

When the Lord springs into action against Gog/Magog, among other graphic forewarnings: “And I will, rain down fire on Magog (various nations) and on all your allies who live safely on the coasts. Then they will know that I am the Lord” (Ezekiel 39:6). This will undoubtedly include some of those nations who stand by and do little or nothing to stop the Gog/Magog coalition. The coasts certainly could and probably will include western nations, e.g., United States, British Isles, western European countries, etc.

3b) Although most countries of the world have presented a unified response of denouncing Russia and Putin for this detestable attack on Ukraine, for all intents and purposes, it is mostly rhetoric. Which is nearly identical to the world’s response when Gog launches his invasion of Israel. Though sanctions have and will continue to weaken Russia’s economy, they will not be enough to stop Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. That will happen for other reasons, including Putin’s assessment that he has realized enough of his objectives—one of which is to calculate the nature/extent of global reaction (tough or tame)—for “future use.”

Contrasts: Two main differences.

First: Russia will initiate and spearhead the Gog/Magog campaign against Israel. But this time Putin or his successor will allow (welcome) other nations to join it. Though much smaller in population than Ukraine, Israel’s military is stronger—especially the Israeli Air Force.

God gave this message through Ezekiel: “…Gog, I am your enemy! I will turn you around and put hooks in your jaws to lead you out with your whole army…. Persia (Iran), Ethiopia, and Libya will join you, too, with all their weapons. Gomer (Turkey) and all its armies will also join you…and many others” (Ezekiel 38:3-6, parenthesis mine).

I’m sure Putin would have liked one or two other nations (such as Lithuania and Belarus) to actively participate with Russia by also sending troops into Ukraine. Nevertheless, he confidently and has thus far correctly calculated that none of the 30 NATO countries, including the United States, would engage in battle with Russia because Ukraine is not a NATO member.

(Since the invasion of Ukraine, Sweeden and Finland are seriously considering application for NATO membership)

Second: The outcome of the current Russia/Ukraine conflict will be considerably different than the fatal failure of the Gog/Magog fiasco. Vladimir Putin will realize some measure of success (real and/or perceived) before he disengages from Ukraine. Since his last name begins with a “P”, I’ll present the following observation:

Putin’s track record shows that he is punitive—sometimes prefers to punish those weaker (individuals and entire nations) who differ with him, and pound them into submission. He is also pragmatic and can be persuaded to make concessions to maintain his (self-perceived) personal prestige and political power.

Which leads us to the other set of twos (past and future) confirming the dress rehearsal premise of correlating (Russia vs Ukraine) to Putin or his successor as Gog/Russia.

God Exclusively & Unilaterally Fights for Israel

Here, I will defer to an excerpt from Eye of Prophecy post, Stand Still & Watch God Fight for Israel! Published 7-30-2016. It covers the Old Testament (II Kings 19) account of Assyria’s invasion of Israel. The article then likens the outcome of Assyria’s unsuccessful conquest of Israel with Gog/Magog’s total failure to conquer Israel. The excerpt begins with the first part of that article:

With exception of three extraordinary events, there is no record, Biblical or secular, of God (alone through direct intrusion) supernaturally defeating an enemy of Gentile nations involved in a righteous justified war, without the necessary fighting and dying of those whom God helped to accomplish their worthy cause and God’s ultimate plan. Each of these three exceptions involve Israel. All three validate the Lord’s ultimate authority and power over nations.

In the year 701 BC, during the reign of one of Judah’s greatest and most godly kings, Hezekiah, God on a massive scale once again delivered his people from national destruction; and did so without any fighting on the part of Judah’s army.

As a backdrop, the powerful nation of Assyria had already conquered the ten northern kingdoms of Israel in 722 BC; this according to God’s warning of what would happen if Israel continued to abandon and disobey their God who created the nation of Israel (through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) and protected and prospered her for hundreds of years thereafter.

The Assyrian King, Sennacherib …  proudly boasted in messages to King Hezekiah that no one, not even the God of Israel, could prevent him from capturing Jerusalem (that alone was a huge mistake … to defy blatantly and arrogantly the true and living God).

“When King Hezekiah heard their report, he tore his clothes and put on burlap and went into the Temple of the Lord” (II Kings 19:1).

Hezekiah was distraught for he knew that Judah was no match against the mighty Assyrian army. So, he sent for Isaiah (again seeking God’s Word through the voice of God’s prophet). Isaiah’s response was an immediate and emphatic promise from God:

“…This is what the Lord says: Do not be disturbed by this blasphemous speech against me from the Assyrian king’s messengers. Listen! I myself will move against him, and the king will receive a message that he is needed at home. So, he will return to his land, where I will have him killed with a sword” (Verses 5-7).

Skipping other details in that article (time/space), we move along to the finale:

“And this is what the Lord says about the king of Assyria: ‘His armies will not enter Jerusalem. They will not even shoot an arrow at it. They will not march outside its gates with their shields nor build banks of earth against its walls. The king will return to his own country by the same road on which he came. He will not enter this city, says the Lord. For my own honor and for the sake of my servant David, I will defend this city and protect it’” (II Kings 19:32-34).

Do you remember what happened next? It is only the most mind-boggling event in the annals of warfare. It will remind you of what happened to the first-born of every Egyptian when Pharaoh’s arrogance had stretched God’s patience to the limit, which also happened at the hands of an angel sent by God. Read with me:

“That night the angel of the Lord went out to the Assyrian camp and killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers. When the surviving Assyrians woke up the next morning, they found corpses everywhere. Then King Sennacherib of Assyria broke camp and returned to his own land. He went home to his capital of Nineveh and stayed there” (Verses 35-36).

Boom, just like that. Sennacherib and what was left of his decimated troops were “out of there.” And why not! This boastful king had just lost 185,000 soldiers. Scripture doesn’t give us the size of his army, but that wouldn’t matter anyway. When you lose that many soldiers in one night while the survivors slept through it, you’re not going to stick around to see what might happen next.

Assyria was never the same again. In a few decades, Babylon would destroy the once mighty Assyrian kingdom.

*Note: In that quoted article, there are three incidents (two past, one future—Gog/Magog) in which Israel does not lift a finger to defend herself, with the first incident found in II Chronicles Chapter 20, when Jehosophat was king of Israel. However, in that incident, Israel’s enemies (several nations) turned on each other before Israel even arrived for battle. Though the Lord was the proximate cause of this miraculous turn of events, he did not directly inflict any damage or death on Israel’s enemies. Whereas the devastating defeat of the Assyrian army was initiated directly and decisively by the Lord, as will be the utter destruction of Gog/Magog forces.

Returning to the last part of article, Stand Still & Watch God Fight for Israel:

“But this is what the Sovereign Lord says: When Gog invades the land of Israel, my fury will boil over! In my jealousy and blazing anger, I promise a mighty shaking in the land of Israel on that day … all the people on earth will quake in terror at my presence. Mountains will be thrown down; cliffs will crumble; walls will fall to the earth. I will summon the sword against you on all the hills of Israel, says the Sovereign Lord. Your men will turn their swords against each other. I will punish you and your armies with disease and bloodshed; I will send torrential rain, hailstones, fire, and burning sulfur!” (Ezekiel 38:18-22)

…Against Gog and Magog, the Lord doubles down. He strikes this massive alliance of several nations—what presumably will be hundreds of thousands or even millions of troops aligned against Israel—by turning the forces of nature against them and causing their troops to turn on each other.

…Oh, the Israelis will need to contribute, but only after the fact. Here is what they will do:

“Then the people in the towns of Israel will go out and pick up your small and large shields, bows and arrows, javelins, and spears, and they will use them for fuel. There will be enough to last them seven years! They won’t need to cut wood from the fields, or forests, for these weapons will give them all the fuel they need. They will plunder those who planned to plunder them…” (Ezekiel 39:9-10).

In today’s terms think of guns, grenades, mortars, missiles, assault vehicles, tanks, and aircraft.

Not just damaged armaments, also dead bodies of Gog’s hordes: “It will take seven months for the people of Israel to bury the bodies and cleanse the land. Everyone in Israel will help, for it will be a glorious victory for Israel when I demonstrate my glory on that day, says the Sovereign Lord” (Ezekiel 39:12-13).

*Other Eye of Prophecy articles regarding the Gog/Magog end times event are:

The Russians Are Coming! (11-14-2015); Beginning of the End (3-5-2016); The Gog/Magog Countdown Has Begun! (9-10-2016); The Terrible Trio of Gog and Magog (2-17-2018); Gog/Magog’s Prophetic Clock Is Ticking, Ticking…. (6-16-2018); The Prophetic Endgame of Gog/Magog (11-9-2019)

Another incidental yet interesting set of twos that has become prominent in the media: Two Jewish men who are involved (one directly, the other indirectly or inadvertently) in this conflict.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy—as far as I know the only (highest) leader of a nation who is Jewish other than, of course, Israel’s leader. Here is an excerpt from an Associated Press article published shortly after Russia’s invasion:

“…Zelenskyy studied law at home, and upon graduation, he found a new home in movie acting and comedy—rocketing in the 2010s to become one of Ukraine’s top entertainers with the TV series, Servant of the People. In it he portrayed a lovable high school teacher fed up with corrupt politicians who accidentally becomes president. Fast forward just a few years, and Zelenskyy is the president of Ukraine for real.”

The article concluded with: “He has demonstrated enormous physical courage, refusing to sit in a bunker but instead traveling openly with soldiers, and an unwavering patriotism that few expected from a Russian speaker from eastern Ukraine.”

(Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky … In a bomb shelter but because he’s on the front lines of the war in eastern Ukraine)

(Zelensky’s message to U.S. Congress a few days ago)

The other Jew is Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who is the only world leader thus far to have met personally with Russian President Putin and with Ukraine President Zelensky after Russia’s assault on Ukraine. He is not yet in the official role of a mediator between these two nations, but that could change. Whatever the outcome of the war or in whatever manner it ends, how ironic (more like providential design!) that these two men are both Jews; in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the not-so-distant Gog/Magog campaign against Israel.

(Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to the left & Vladimir Putin, taken 10-22-2021 during a meeting between the two leaders) 


One last quote from article Beware of the Bear, which is just as relevant today as it was eight years ago.

When Russia, Iran, and this unholy coalition attack Israel, the U.S. won’t be able to do anything about it. Why? Because she will have been decimated by the loss of millions upon millions of people. And how will that happen? THE RAPTURE….

The slumbering Russian bear has awakened. She is baring (pun intended) her teeth at NATO and the EU. In a demonstration of superiority, fearlessness, and defiance, she is swiping her paw at the United States. She dared the West to do something about Crimea and the Ukraine, much like Iran dared the EU and the United States to do something about Syria and about Iran’s nuclear intentions. Russia and Iran stood up. The West stood down. What will they do next? What will we do next?

Who better to assume the role of the prince of Magog, than Vladmir Putin? Right, wrong, or indifferent, today’s global community crowns Putin as the “world’s most powerful person.”

In the epic battle of Gog/Magog, Russia and Iran will do precisely what God warns them not to do. So, too, does this warning apply to the beast of Revelation. “I warned the proud, ‘Stop your boasting!’ I told the wicked, ‘Don’t raise your fists! Don’t raise your fists in defiance at the heavens or speak with such arrogance’” (Psalms 75:4-5). But they will not listen. Following the total annihilation of Gog’s armies as described in Ezekiel 38 & 39, here’s what God says to Israel and to the nations, “In this way, I will demonstrate my glory to the nations. Everyone will see the punishment I have inflicted on them and the power of my fist when I strike. And from that time on the people of Israel will know that I am the Lord their God” (Ezekiel 39:21-22).

There are several prophetic “birth pain” signs in the 20th & 21st centuries (increasing with frequency and intensity) to distinctly demonstrate that we are in the last days of the end times, as prophesied in the Old Testament but also by Jesus himself in the New Testament—wars, rumors of wars and natural catastrophes. However, there are two powerful prophecies that stand out as the most stunning:

(1) The rebirth restoration of Israel as a sovereign nation and corresponding return of Jews from worldwide exile dispersion to live in their Promised Land.

This would begin before the “Day of the Lord” which includes the Great Tribulation, followed by the Millennial Reign of Messiah Jesus. It would also precede the trigger point catalyst of the seven-year Tribulation, which is the Rapture (resurrection of dead Christians plus catching up of all believers in Jesus Christ—Jew and Gentile alike) to spare us from the horror of this seven-year apocalypse.

The return of Messiah (Jesus) is also in two-parts: Jesus taking believers to heaven. Then descending to earth to rescue Israel again by means of Messiah’s devastating defeat of Antichrist and his ten-nation confederation during the final phase of the Tribulation … Armageddon.

(2) The Gog/Magog assault against Israel.

Which will result in one of the two direct (solo) interventions by God himself to defend and rescue Israel. It will be greater even than the defeat of the Assyrian army. Not only is the Gog/Magog coalition much larger, but the whole world will watch as the Lord crushes this evil alliance.

Which is why Putin’s incursion into the Ukraine is yet another startling sign that we are that much closer to the end of this age. More than ever, Israel needs to look up to see her national redemption is near. That individual redemption is also necessary. I pray constantly that they would open their eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to know that salvation comes exclusively through their Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth.

For believers in Messiah Yeshua, the awesome Son of God, we embrace the words of Jesus: “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me … When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am” (John 14: 1-3).

Things to Ponder

Ukraine’s President Zelensky has already been applauded for some notable quotes and brave actions. Not long after Russia’s invasion, U.S. President Biden (staff) offered to get Zelensky out of Ukraine to a place of safety.

Zelensky’s response: “I need ammunition, not a ride!”

During Russia’s (joined by Iran, Turkey, and lesser nations) abominable aggression against Israel, the Jews will not need any ammunition at all. When the God of Israel takes up the fight, he needs only to speak the word … heaven and earth will be moved!

You don’t want the God of Israel (the only true and living God) mad at you. Especially angry enough for his “fury to boil over” (Ezekiel 38:18).

“Then they will learn that you alone are called the Lord, that you alone are the Most High, supreme over all the earth” (Psalm 83:18).

King David of Israel goes on to say: “Those nations will fall down and collapse, but we will rise up and stand firm. Give victory to our king, O Lord! Answer our cry for help” (Psalm 20:8-9).